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Track who clocks in for
work. And who doesn’t.


Realday’s geotag feature allows people to share their location with you upon arriving at work.

Clock in

Clock-in and out
with a tap.

Keep your employees’ worked hours accounted for by enabling them to clock in and out of work using their phone.

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Know who’s available and who’s on holiday.

Real-time availability alerts from the candidate mobile app improve visibility and management of holidays and illnesses.

  • Split Shift Availability

    Candidates can make themselves available at different times on the same day, as well as night shifts.

  • Absence & Holidays

    People submit vacation requests and sick leaves using the Realday mobile app.

  • Intelligent Shift Swapping

    When their availability changes, candidates can swap shifts between each other so you can rest assured the job position does not remain vacant.

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More bookings.
Less hassle.

Find the right person for
the right job.

Finding people for a job vacancy that are not only available but also qualified is never easy.

Realday easily helps you find people available to work for every vacant time slot.


faster bookings


Split-shifts covered.

When offering a new job, you can let interested candidates choose the shifts that fit their schedule best.

Realday easily finds you people able to work for every vacant time slot.

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Every minute accounted

Timesheets 1

Automated timesheets based on clock-in/out.

Timesheets update automatically when candidates finish their shift for the day, recording their worked hours to the minute.

Timesheets 2

Multiple approval methods.

Your clients can approve people’s timesheets on the spot or later through their own web portal.

Timesheets 3

Error-free invoicing.


more accurate payroll

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Keep your workers

Guarantee compliance.

Request, review and monitor candidate documentation as part of a robust compliance process.

You can connect specific documents to different job types to prevent unqualified personnel from working in unsuitable positions. As well as approve or reject documents directly from the recruiter web app.

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Always stay
up to date.

When a candidate document is nearing its expiry date, both you and your workforce are notified so they can upload a renewed one and remain qualified for the job.

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Easily communicate with
your workforce.

Our direct two-way messaging feature lets you contact your candidates instantaneously to make sure they’re ready for the day.


Deliver a transparent recruiting experience to drive engagement.

Realday’s dedicated mobile app empowers workers to set their availability, request time off, accept and trade shifts between each other, upload documents and more.

And an integrated location management tool ensures clients can keep track of worker attendance and sign off people’s shifts on the go.

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