18. Dec 2018

Work Smarter, not Harder: Hacks for the Staffing Specialist

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Listen. We are longer plowing the fields and going down in the coal mines. As recruitment and staffing specialists, we have a million digital tools at our disposal to make our lives easier and our work more efficient. We need to rid ourselves of the antiquated notion that hard work is noble. It simply isn’t. And even if it were, so what? Nobility doesn’t enhance the impact of our efforts. There is absolutely no need to moralise about our endeavours. We simply need to produce tangible results.

And the means we use to obtain those results, so long as they’re honest and legal, simply do not matter.

Think about it. Are you going home every evening absolutely exhausted. No time for the family or friends or significant other. Simply a quick glance at Facebook and then a deep sleep?

If so, chances are, you’re working hard. Harder than you need to be.

But if you were working smarter, you’d be fresh and ready for your evenings. You’d use them in fun, lively, enjoyable ways.

Here are some things to consider. Are you working harder or smarter when it comes to them?

Obtaining a roster of applicants/candidates

Harder: You’re spamming every job board imaginable, loading your job ads with as many keywords and buzzwords as you conjure up.  You’re spending hours and hours upon end on LinkedIn, messaging any every account that could possibly be related in anyway to the position you’re seeking to fill.

Sure, results are trickling in. But in what proportion to the effort you put in. Was it really worth it?

Smarter: You’ve established a constant flowing pipeline due to the an incentive referral program you’ve instituted. Current and prior talent are recruiting their friends and sending them to you, in effect doing your job for you.

Why? Why not! The referral system you’ve implemented monetarily rewards anybody who refers a successful candidate. Moreover, your active, engaging social media presence constantly attracts the interest of top talent, and they send in their CV’s without you even having to ask.

Both of these pipelines, when utilised properly, amount to a spigot from which you can draw at any time, at a moment’s notice.

Obtaining New Clients

Harder: You’re out there, knocking on doors till your knuckles bleed. You are cold calling businesses and sending out so many emails you fear Google might begin to think you’re a spam bot. And what is the result?

Most likely a whole lot of runaround. “Oh, the manager is not here this week,” or “Please send us more information and we’ll get back to you.”

Worker harder to obtain new clients means working the hard way to obtain new clients. And this is not necessary. Nor is it productive.

Smarter: In the same way the smart worker obtains new applicants, they also obtain new clients – an incentive referral program. Entice your current clients do the work for you.

Are you noticing a trend here?

Applicant Vetting

Harder: You’re spending hour researching what skills, qualities and experiences the ideal candidate would have for a certain position. And then you’re spending countless hours more shifting through every CV, hoping to find an applicant that matches your needs.

Smarter: Why are you doing this? This is what AI recruitment software was developed for!


Harder: You’re approaching this task like a wedding planner. Or as though it were the world’s most convoluted Soduko puzzle. However, it’s like whack-a-mole: every time you think you’ve resolved one scheduling conflict, another arises.

Smarter:  You’re using a staffing scheduling app that makes the whole task a breeze and virtually eliminates all error and conflicts. No, need for a while board with a grid when you go this route: the software does everything for you in order to procure the talent you need and schedule them in the most friction less, seamless way possible