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Why Realday

Simplify your

Realday enables you to automate shift scheduling, assign and deploy within seconds, whilst creating a seamless and improved experience for everyone with a mobile-first approach.

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Optimize your workforce management through compliance and document monitoring, availability and absence management, and automated time capture.

Realday also allows you to offer your clients an online experience through our dedicated client web application, where they can create job orders, approve timesheets and increase overall worker visibility.

Pick the right
features for you.

Realday’s modular approach to technology lets you easily integrate and embed our solution into your own product suite.

‘Plug & play’ the components you require to complement your current technology stack, or use Realday’s complete set of features stand-alone.

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Create split shifts on the same day and quickly fill positions.

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Drag-and-Drop Booking

Assign jobs to available people who can work some or all shifts.

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Absence & Holiday Overview

People can submit vacation requests and sick leaves using their phone.

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Document Expiry Notifications

Know when people’s documents will expire to ensure they remain compliant.

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Intelligent Shift Swapping

Let people exchange shifts between each other when they’re unavailable.

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Advanced Pay Rate Definition & Calculation

Define rates dependent on qualification, location, time or work in advance.

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With great power comes great productivity.

Increase efficiency, reduce costs and eliminate manual repetitive tasks while focusing on what matters: connecting people to opportunity.

Here’s what the Realday experience looks like.

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Meet Elly.

Based on a client’s request, she creates a job through the recruiter web app and sends the offer to available and compliant workers, eliminating the need for ring arounds.

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And this is Josh.

He is notified of the job offer on Realday’s dedicated mobile app, or through email and SMS.

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When Josh accepts the job, he can keep track of his upcoming shifts or swap them with another person in case his availability changes at a later point, ensuring the job does not remain vacant.

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How it works 8

After each shift’s completion, Josh’s supervisor can sign off on it on the spot using the mobile app, or they can approve it later through the client web application.

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How it works 9

Once the shift is signed off, Elly receives a digital timesheet based on Josh’s clocked in hours.

Accurate pay and bill data is automatically generated.

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What it costs

average cost savings per month

more bookings

more accurate payroll

Time saved

average time saved per month

reduced admin tasks

faster compliance checks

*The data represented is based on a medium-sized agency in the EU region.

Tailored to meet your
industry needs.



See an overview of absent employees in one place.



Avoid expensive staff and overhangs.

Public Sector

Public Sector

Speed up your hiring process without holdups on compliance documentation.



Organize multiple work areas and shifts with little effort.



Retain and keep an eye on all qualified candidates.



Fill seasonal positions quickly by knowing who’s available.

“Managing, scheduling, and communicating with both our employees and clients has always been a challenge - and sits at the heart of what we do! Realday has dramatically changed the way our business operates, and we couldn't be more satisfied.”

Jason Kukard

Founder & Director, 247 Lifeline

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Simplify day-to-day management.

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