06. Dec 2020

What Is Holding your temporary Staffing Company Back?

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Do you ever just get that feeling that your staffing firm has not reached its full potential? That perhaps, yeah, it’s doing alright – quotas are being met and salaries are being paid – but that if just a few adjustments were made, it could be doing a whole lot better? 

Well, you’re not alone. While a few staffing firms do operate on turbo drive, many, if not most, are being held back by something or other. And this can be frustrating. Especially if we cannot pinpoint exactly what it is that is holding us back. 

This is when it becomes appropriate – and even necessary – to take a step back and have an objective look at the staffing firm and its operations. It’s best to view it as a third party investor, intent on finding ways to boost its efficiency and profitability. And in doing so, hopefully you can locate some areas that might be problematic and hindering performance as well as have to better optimise these specific areas.

To get you started, here are some possible factors that might be holding your staffing firm back from achieving unprecedented greatness and value.

Unmotivated employees

Is your staff keen to come to work every day? Or do they seem to show up begrudgingly, putting in the bare minimum effort and achieving the most basic results? If so, you could be suffering from a case of unmotivated employees. And this could be a major hindrance to the performance of your staffing agency.

All it takes is one unmotivated employee to infect the rest of the crew. And once this disease spreads, it’s quite difficult – and sometimes even impossible – to eradicate. That is why it’s important to never let it get a foothold in the first place. There are various ways to make your temporary workers feel valued and motivated.

So, how shall we do that? 

Here are some ideas:

  • Performance bonus schemes. Make sure your employees are recruiters are consistently reaping the rewards of their hard work
  • Extra-office activities. All work and no play is a drain. It’s a basic truism that requires no explanation. That’s why it’d be wise to regularly schedule out-of-office activities for your employees, including dinners, pub evenings, parties and even excursions.
  • Competitions. Nothing motivates employees like some friendly competition with a prize at stake.

But what if the demotivation has already infected the crew? Well, you could start afresh. However that would be a last case scenario. Instead, we recommend a staff shuffle. Which is to say, assigning everybody to a new role. Not only will this shake things up and make work less boring, it will also give every staff member a fresh new beginning without having the be fired.

An over-reliance on outdated methods

Remember, the economy is changing rapidly. And our number one function is to meet the demands of the economy. This just means we must be rapidly changing as well in order to maintain any semblance of relevance and utility. 

Perhaps are recruiting methods are yielding fewer and fewer results. And the results it does yield are not exactly the creme de la creme. If this is the case, you need to re-evaluate your recruitment methods. Perhaps ally with other partner firms and take a look at how their going about things. Or even hold a brainstorming session in order to harness the wisdom of the crowd and come up with novel recruitment ideas.

Also, you want to look at what tasks can be delegated to technology. Tech in the staffing sector is growing day to day and many traditional, manual, time-consuming tasks can now be automated and done far more efficiently and precisely. Staffing and scheduling apps, on-demand staffing apps, AI recruitment software and so and so forth can all optimise our operations, reducing waste and enhancing speed and accuracy. 

Technology, in short, can help us break our crippling dependence and outdated, inefficient recruitment and staffing methods and really allow us to achieve our maximum potential.


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