14. Jan 2020

What Clients Value Most in Staffing Agencies

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Candidate recruitment and retention is only half the story when it comes to temporary staffing agencies. However, we often spend so much time and energy focusing on this half, we begin to believe it’s all our job entails. However, to do so would be to commit a grave error.

The other half of that story: Our clients.

It’s important that we not lose sight of their needs. And of the necessity of maintaining their loyalty whilst attracting and procuring new ones.

In order to do so, we must demonstrate specific qualities that clients highly value in temporary staffing agencies. But what is it they value exactly?

Consistent delivering of high-quality candidates

This goes without saying. The first foremost need of our clients is top tier talent that can show up for their scheduled shifts, the job done and allow all operations to continue running smoothly and efficiently. A firm that consistently delivers such clients will win the undying gratitude of its clients. It will build a name a reputation for itself. And that reputation will travel, attracting new clients.

However, a firm with a patchy record will cause unease and concern with its clients. They might begin to look elsewhere for better results. It will eventually begin generating a negative reputation. And negative reputations travel too. Usually at an even faster speed.

Open lines of communication

Clients value a firm that is open and transparent with them. Especially in terms of collaboration. A designated specialist should consistently be cooperating with clients – current and prospective alike. Find out exactly what kind of candidate they require, in terms of skill set, education and personality, for the positions you are staffing. Stay in constant contact to assess how your temporary workers are performing.

When problems arise

Valued firms work closely in tandem with their clients to assess what went wrong, where exactly it went wrong, how it happened and the proper procedures that can be put in place to prevent the error from happening again.

Technological sophistication

As our clients become more technologically advanced, they’re beginning to more and more expect the same standards from us. Clients have greater trust in firms that implement and effectively use the latest technological solutions, such as staff management software, staffing app, and scheduling software.

The use of such solutions demonstrates the firm is a serious about and dedicated to its tasks. It creates an aura of competency and authority which allows clients to feel comfortable and confident with you.

Moreover, the usage of such solutions significantly enhances your ability to hire exactly the right candidates. If a firm’s technology is optimal and on par with its clients, they can seamlessly integrate with one another, further strengthening their bonds.

Maximum speed yet minimal errors

The clients we staff for often work in fast-paced, unpredictable industries. Therefore, they demand and value firms that can meet their needs at a moment’s notice.

However, a firm that consistently misses deadlines, can’t produce results in a timely manner or mis-schedules staff will soon anger and alienate its clients. After all, we’re here to solve our clients’ problems, not create new ones for them

Here again, recruitment and scheduling software and staff management software can help a firm stay on top of its game, allowing need to be communicated instantaneously while producing error-free, lightning-fast employee procurement, placement, and scheduling.


Yes, errors will happen. And sometimes we can’t be as fast as we’d like to be. However, clients highly appreciate a firm that unflinchingly owns up to its mistakes while taking the proper measures necessary to ensure these issues do not arise again.

This demonstrates a seriousness as well as instilling a sense of reliability in the client. It demonstrates that you’re committed to being the best staffing firm you can be.