18. Dec 2019

Ways to Make Your Temporary Workers Feel Valued

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A common complaint among temporary workers regards their feelings about being merely another face in a revolving door of other faces. Others might feel they’re inherently disposable and easily replaceable due to the nature of temporary work. It’s important that we make all efforts to avoid such sentiments taking root amongst our talent pool. After all, our clients are only as happy as our workers are. And workers are happiest when then feel valued and important.

Also, keeping our temporary workers in good spirits aids in our ability to maintain a steady, reliable pool of talent.  In this tightening market, where candidates have numerous options, it’s important we do everything in our power to keep them loyal and coming back.

So let’s take a look at some simple steps we can take to make sure our temporary workers feels respected and valued – and keep answering our calls.

Establish a Community

The history of sociological research has pointed to one basic, irrefutable fact: people are happiest when they feel part of a tight-knit community. Communities provide comfort, support, security and a sense of belonging. Within our talent pools, we should also be building such communities.

How can we go about this? There are several different ways. We can host get-togethers and event nights for our talent. We can organise holiday parties for them. But perhaps the easiest and most convenient way is using the internet. For example, through our Facebook pages, we can establish groups. Within these groups our talent can communicate with one another and we can interact with them. Simply by providing them with useful blog links, taking opinion polls and sending birthday greetings, we can enhance our workers’ sense of belonging.

Keep in Touch

If operations are handled efficiently, such as by using recruitment software, we should have much time left over to devote to talent relations. We should use this time wisely to get to know them beyond their mere skills and schedule. Engaging them on a personal level, getting to know them as people rather than solely as employees, and listening to their concerns should take priority here. Also, we should make efforts to reach out to them: A.) Before the job begins to make sure everything is clear and allay any worries, B.) During the job to see how everything is going and C.) After the job to learn about their experiences and anything could be improved in the future. Also, this a good time to thank them for a job well done.

After all, communication is at the heart of all healthy relations. A firm that demonstrates solid, honest, two-way communication skills with its talent is a firm with satisfied talent.

Respect Their Time

As the saying goes, “time is money”. And there’s perhaps nothing more valuable to a candidate than their time. We should respect that. If we waste their time by not getting back to them when we promised to, making errors in their schedule or simply by having a slow hiring process, it’s likely they’ll feel undervalued, at best, or completely discarded, at worst. So let’s stick to our promises and call them no later than we say we will — and ideally even before that.

A good way to speed up the whole process, and thereby wasting as little of their time as possible, is by implementing a staff management software. This eliminates all the unnecessary time spent on matching candidates to jobs and interviewing them, as well as virtually eliminates all potential errors in scheduling.

A speedy process is almost guaranteed to result in talent feeling valued and respected. And as an added bonus, we now have more time to connect with them on a more personal level and keep our online community thriving.

It’s not a monumental task, keeping our workers feeling valued. Just a few extra minutes a day spent on candidate relations can actually make a huge difference. Just remember to keep it light, use their name in a friendly, natural manner and pay attention like any caring community elder would.