24. Oct 2019

Five Traits of Highly Effective Temporary Staffing Agencies

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Take a look at the top performing firms in any industry. At first glance, sure, they all might seem wildly different and unique. Can anything really be learned from such a varied, incoherent set of data? Well, upon closer scrutiny, we consistently find that top performing firms, regardless of how different they may initially appear, do indeed share many habits and traits in common. The temporary staffing industry is no different in this regard. 

Let’s take a look at five of the most common traits found amongst top performing staffing firms. 

They are Constantly Looking for Ways to Improve

Think about to most successful professionals you know. Aren’t they always seeking out new opportunities to learn and advance themselves? The same is true of successful temporary staffing agencies. They consistently engage themselves with industry conferences, seminars and workshops, and on the lookout for new staff management software and apps.

The key here is that they’re being active rather than passive. Instead of waiting for major market changes to occur before adapting themselves, they eagerly anticipate the various directions the market can go and make the necessary adjustments beforehand. In doing so, they always manage to stay two steps ahead of everyone else. 

In fact, simply reading blogs such as this is one way of staying on top of the game!

They create meaningful, lasting bonds – with both clients and candidates

Successful firms are never faceless firms, mere impersonal worker farms. They build solid, long-lasting relationships with their clients by interacting with them personally and in a meaningful manner. In doing so, they become trusted and deferred to, not merely as a supplier of talent, but also as experts in the field of workforce trends and procurement. They regularly meet with their clients in person to discuss the current market, their clients’ needs and future trends that could affect their business. 

Likewise, they also establish trust-based relationships with their talent as well. A successful firm cannot operate if it doesn’t have a broad, reliable, competent base of workers to draw upon at any given moment. So, in the same manner as with their clients, they regularly interact with their candidate pool — including past, present and potential talent — in a personal, down-to-earth manner, often utilising social media and even simple, old-fashioned phone calls.

They know their niche

Instead of trying to provide staffing for every particular industry, spreading their resources wide and thin, they work with just a few, key sectors. In doing so, they allow themselves to develop a laser-like focus on highly specific industries, poaching the best possible candidates for them. They know exactly who and what they’re looking for. And they are able to target them swiftly, using their narrow-yet-deep (rather than broad-yet-shallow) networks, thereby procuring the best possible talent in the shortest amount of time. 

And because they are so good within their specific niches, they begin to develop names and reputations for themselves. They are actively sought out by clients in those niches due their high degree of expertise and experience. 

They have figured out how to play the referral game

Successful temporary staffing agencies spend far less time sourcing clients and candidates than struggling firms. That’s because a fair percentage — even perhaps a majority — of their business is derived through referrals. And these referrals are coming in for two main reasons:

 A.) They’re simply excellent at what they do. Their current clients are satisfied and so are happy to pass their name on. 


B.) They’ve established an attractive, mutually profitable referral system that benefits both them and their clients (and perhaps even candidates as well). 

If only a small portion of your clients are being referred to you from existing clients, it’s time to step up your game. Take a look at your referral system (we hope you already have one!) and make sure it’s attractive enough. And moreover, don’t be afraid to simply ask your clients! We often forget that they’re so involved in their own work that the thought might not have even crossed their minds.

The stay on top of evolving technologies

It is important to make use of new apps and softwares that can improve a business. Successful temporary staffing agencies are aware that in a world of blooming technology there are Staff management softwares that can help both staffing agencies and their candidates improve their day to day activities, such as staff scheduling , organizing documentation, shift swapping, staff managing.

They’re eagerly anticipating and taking the necessary steps to implement the software of tomorrow. Such apps and software are absolutely vital in today’s world.