04. Dec 2018

The Top 5 Qualities Candidates Look for in a Staffing Agency

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In order to hire the right person for the job, we must identify the most important qualities candidates should have. Then during the application and interview process, we can determine whether our candidates possess them. This is candidate placement 101. However, as we scrutinise our applicants for these qualities, let us not forget they are doing the same to us. Indeed, there are certain essential qualities a staffing firm must have if it is the best sought out, and trusted by the top talent in any given field.

How do you stack up in terms of these qualities?

Value One: They value their time


Top talents are often flooded with offers. In this market, highly skilled individuals truly do have the upper hand. If there is one thing they will not stand for, it is to be left hanging. Ask yourself these questions:

Are you responding to their applications in a timely manner? By this, we do not mean automated responses. We mean a personally written email or an actual phone call that communicates that their applications have been received and are being processed.

Moreover, do you give them a timeframe for how the selection process will proceed? And do you stick to that timeframe? Alternatively, do you unexpectedly cancel key events at a moment’s notice?

Just as we value candidates that show up early (and quite often write off those that show up late). Likewise top talent will truly value the firms that do not waste their time.

Value Two: They are knowledgeable


Having a thorough understanding of the position you are hiring for is not only essential for selecting the perfect candidate. It is equally as important for helping that client to believe in the firm as view them as competent and reliable.

So study what any particular position your staffing really is. What it entails and what it demands. Liaise with your clients and those in management in order to get a firm grasp of who you are hiring for, and exactly who you should be hiring.


Value Three: They value their candidates and their current talent and let them know so


The last thing a candidate wants to feel like – especially those amongst the top-tier of talent – is just another number in a database. As such, embodying this principal will require some extra effort on your part if you want to secure the best and win their loyalty. You should be getting to know them, both professionally and personally. Understand what their needs are and keeping in touch with them. Personal communication and accolades when appropriate can go a long way here.


Value Four: They function like a well-oiled machine and are using the latest technology


Nothing diminishes the standing of a staffing firm in the eyes of talent faster than miscommunication, confusion and general blunders with regard to activities as vital as scheduling.

That is why it’s imperative you make sure you and your firm have implemented the latest software, in order to eliminate all errors and function as effectively and efficiently as possible. This is where scheduling and staffing app can greatly enhance the prestige of your firm.


Value Five: They have name recognition and a good reputation


To be straight: candidates talk to each other. If a firm consistently messes up things like scheduling and salaries, word will get out quickly, often doing irreparable damage to a firm’s reputation. Just as with Value Four, it’s imperative that all solutions are implemented to ensure maximum accuracy and minimal errors.

In addition, candidates will often choose a firm with decent name recognition. This means not only being a top player in the market, but also having a robust, up-to-date and active web presence that engages its audience. Preferably, this presence will be on social media as well.