02. Apr 2020

How Realday can help temporary staffing agencies during Covid-19

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The current situation with the Covid-19 is ongoing, and we do not know how long it will last. A number of businesses are desperately trying to grasp on and find the best solution to continue working, but at the same time trying to keep their employees safe and healthy.

A number of companies have decided to protect the well-being of their employees by having them work remotely from their homes; hence, the demand for temporary workers is not decreasing. As a matter of fact, it is rising.

A number of grocery stores have started practising home delivery of goods to customers since most people throughout the world are staying indoors and are respecting the curfew set by numerous governments. Therefore, online shopping is rising and in-store shopping is drastically decreasing.  Musgrave, Ireland’s largest grocery store chain, is starting to hire a large number of temporary workers. The company additionally operates SuperValu, Centra and Daybreak stores across the country. Musgrave’s CEO Noel Keeley said: ”Anyone with retail, fresh food, hospitality, driving, and warehousing experience would suit the roles on offer.” This movement has led to an increased number for the need for temporary workers who are delivering food and household goods to consumers.

Since a number of restaurants and bakeries had no choice but to close their doors to the public due to the outbreak, they have decided to hire temps for delivering food to consumers. By doing so, people can still have their favourite meals from their homes. Not only do these restaurants deliver food to people’s homes, but they also respect the no contact rule, meaning they ring the doorbell and leave the goods on the doorstep.

It’s not only the case with restaurants and grocery stores, but a number of pharmacies and diagnostic laboratories are also in need of temporary workers and medical staff who will be able to deliver medical supplies and help those in need.

Since the need for temporary workers is exponentially rising during this critical period, staffing agencies now need to be very careful about organising their temporary workers and cautiously creating schedules.

A solution

Staffing agencies whose demand for temps is rising should make sure they have a flawless staff management software. The software on which they decide on should help them organize their worker’s shifts, allow temps to swap shifts, and help managers have a clear overview of the entire flow.

Realday is the solution!

With Realday, your staffing agency will be running impeccably during this difficult time. Your managers can create weekly or monthly schedules in minutes. Since social distancing is an important measure during this crisis, temporary workers will be able to access their schedules through the app installed on their smartphones; temporary staff can also choose to accept or reject a job request sent by managers. In case a temp cannot make it to a shift, they can easily swap a shift with a co-worker who is free. By doing so, no confusion is created on the schedule. By using Realday, your employees are accounted for by using accurate and simple time tracking with GPS location. Your employees can also clock in through the app as geotag time tracking works on both Apple and Android devices.

Contact our customer support team today and request a demo. In a couple of quick and easy steps, our support team will demonstrate how helpful Realday can be to your staffing agency.  This is a very difficult time for most businesses, but if you can help the economy by continuing to work while also making sure the well-being of your employees is not compromised, we salute you.