20. Feb 2019

Thinking About Opening a Staffing Firm?

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First off, bless your soul for choosing to go into such a highly competitive, seemingly unpredictable business field. It may not be easy at times, but opening your own staffing agency can be just as rewarding as it is demanding.

You’re going to need to have a resolve made of steel, a backbone made of iron and nerve made of stone. And on top of that, you’re going to need to consider (quite) a few things if you want to be successful and come out on top.

Every day, the market is getting more and more crowded

As the traditional economy continues to expand and the gig economy blooms, there’s an ever growing need for staffing agencies to meet its needs. However, this is resulting in a steadily increasing amount of staffing firms in the labour market. Which is not to say we’ve already reached the saturation point, but we are certainly headed in that direction.

And this means you’ll need to stand out

Firstly, you might want to consider being a niche-focused firm rather than an all-purpose supplier of general labour. This will give you a chance to develop a specific brand identity, build a reputation within that specific industry, and distinguish yourself as an expert in that field.

There are other ways of stand out from the herd as well. You need to ensure you have a robust, engaging web presence. This doesn’t mean simply a website, but a fun, eye catching, interactive social media presence as well.

Your job ads should be clever and captivating. And you should strive to tell stories your potential candidates and clients can relate to.

You’ll also need the best of the best

The means the best headhunters and recruiters. You need people with robust, strong networks, and people who know how to keep those networks growing. Your recruiters should be highly adept at every method of headhunting, whether it be online, through contacts or in person.

And your candidates should be of the highest caliber as well. If you are not keenly discerning, you risk sending out duds to your clients. Even if this only happens a few times, it can do irreparable harm to your reputation. So you must stay ever vigilante and scrupulous, being absolutely certain you’re supplying your clients with the very best, most qualified and compatible talent possible.

AI recruitment software can help you out in this, using advanced algorithms to weed out bad matches and rank those most likely to excel at any given vacancy.

And you’re going to want to have the best technology as well

In addition to AI recruitment software, you’re really going to need a good staffing and scheduling app, or an on-demand staffing app. This will allow you to procure the appropriately labour as quickly as possible. It will also handle all the scheduling and salary equations as well, thereby saving you time, eliminating hassle and error, and most importantly, keeping your candidates and clients happy.

Such technology will allow you to better attract and forge relationships with the app-centric Millennial generation. And this is important, as they will form the lion’s share of your workers. Your recruiters should be highly adept

Some final things to consider

You’re going to want to approach this creatively. As the modern economy has shown, traditional mindsets no long prevail. Those who think outside the box in a non-linear way – which is to say those who innovate – are the ones who prevail. Make sure you’re partnering with visionaries and who not only think up the best ways to meet the needs of the economy today, but also dream up the best ways to meet the needs of the economy of tomorrow. This kind of thinking is what will give your fledgling staffing firm an edge.