27. Apr 2021

How Can Staffing Agencies Use Software With Their CRM?

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The Time-Saving Software that every Staffing Agency Needs

If you’re involved in the sourcing and organisation of talent in the healthcare or manufacturing industry, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the challenges of workforce management, particularly after the complications thrown up by COVID-19. It’s not only these sectors that can prove testing for recruiters, though. In any workforce that depends on temporary workers, the logistics of managing people, shifts and efficiency can be a minefield.

For staffing agencies, matching candidates with vacant roles can quickly become time-consuming – it’s estimated that agencies spend more than half of their employee resources on this role – and all too often, agency teams rely on outdated tech. Trying to carry out complex scheduling tasks using outdated or not purpose-built software, such as excel, means that assigning workers tends to be an inefficient process. It’s a repetitive task, but it’s certainly not an easy one, leaving it very much vulnerable to human error, and though some level of inaccuracy is understandable, mistakes can be costly, both financially and reputationally.

Streamlining Your Processes

There is, however, an alternative to the traditional methods used by many agencies. A workforce management system is an invaluable tool for recruiters, particularly those involved in the acquisition and organisation of temporary workers. Repetitive tasks can be alleviated from agency employees, leaving more time to focus on more productive work, and, with less human error, agencies, candidates and clients alike can be confident in the service being provided. Of course, candidate error can happen, too, but this can be minimised with the right software. Using a scheduling tool, candidates can keep a close eye on their upcoming shifts or swap them if the unexpected happens, meaning the likelihood of a shift being vacant is significantly reduced – music to the ears of agencies and their clients!

Allowing shifts to be distributed, accepted or swapped through a software solution is both time-saving and reliable. Candidates can also update their information within the system, meaning that any message given to employees via a phone call or email, which can easily be missed or forgotten in the haste of working from home life, is automatically updated.

Communicating On-The-Go

Any software needs to be user friendly on a desktop or laptop, but often it’s necessary to communicate with candidates before you reach your desk. Realday’s work scheduling software includes a mobile app, because the role of a recruiter goes beyond the standard 9-5. With an app, recruiters and candidates can communicate from their desk or from their spot on the train during their commute.

Integration that Creates Success

Workforce management software is clearly an essential piece of digital kit for agencies, but for some, a more holistic solution will be required. With a successful CRM, agency teams can automate their payment and billing processes and create insightful reports to showcase their value. It’s equally important to effectively communicate with applicants, making sure that the right talent is attracted to the positions you’re responsible for, and the headache of regulatory compliance is resolved with powerful automation.

Though some agencies may find that multiple software solutions are valuable to their business, the time spent navigating between these can quickly add up. Integration between these systems ensures that everything is stored conveniently in one handy place. Sure, your business might not require every solution that’s available, so it’s possible to select the functions that matter most to you, whether that’s a scheduling tool or the ability to create great reports. Of course, when it comes to staffing agencies, there’s no one size fits all. Whether you’re focused on permanent placements, temporary roles or both, having an intelligent tech solution will allow your team to operate more effectively.