07. May 2021

How pairing with the right technology partner can help your company to grow in a post covid world

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Realday talk to 110% People about changes in the education recruitment sector over the last year and how it has helped shape their business.

Who are 110% People?

110% People provide low cost and time efficient recruitment solutions for schools and early years’ businesses. Our fundamental aim is to help schools and nurseries save money on 3rd party hire costs whilst still providing outstanding recruitment solutions.

Having worked in the education industry for many years, we felt that the balance between agency charge and client spend needed adjusting. With school budgets being stretched further each academic year, we set out to challenge the status quo of the current landscape by offering a fair and transparent pricing structure; we were so confident we could offer value for money we even added our charge rates to our name!

What changes within the education recruitment industry have you witnessed in recent years and more specifically over the last year?

The education recruitment sector has evolved over recent years with many schools seeking out partnership agencies who can be seen as an extension to their own recruitment efforts. Typically the space was dominated by the super agencies who were able to achieve strong geographical reach and could offer local consultants in most areas, preferred supplier agreements, and other benefits to schools on a national scale. In our 20 years within education recruitment, we have witnessed the industry change from an emergency supply business predominantly for short term cover, to a full support system offering long term, permanent, intervention, support, send and everything in-between.

As covid hit, the education recruitment sector suffered considerably, after all with the schools shut there was nowhere to place the majority of candidates. The industry, like many others, was faced with severe challenges, not least the eligibility of supply teachers to be furloughed. Sadly, here is where many of the smaller, but no doubt valued agencies were not able to stay afloat and we saw many closures. The flip to this is the amount of new startups evolving due to high redundancies in the sector. This year paved the way for inspired and entrepreneurial recruiters to rise from the ashes. We anticipate more boutique agencies like 110% People will have the chance to grow and that partnership model will be more prevalent than ever.

A key observation is how covid has affected our candidates. Whilst a trusted agency is still key, along with access to a stable regular work flow, we are now seeing that many of our teachers and practitioners are seeking a more flexible work/life balance. This means we are finding that more and more people are looking for part time or job share with some reluctance to go back to the full time working week.

“A benefit to arise from covid is the rapid injection of tech from home with online tutor sessions meaning our candidates can enhance their opportunities without the weekly grind”

How has technology played a part in growing your business? And how was Realday able to help.

As a covid born business we knew that if we were going to stand out then we needed to offer something that wasn’t “the norm” and set out to introduce technology in a way that would save schools time and effort. We embraced video profiling for our candidates and whilst many other industries had embarked on this route, it was/is still rare within the education world. Feedback we have had from our clients is how they can envisage really quickly if someone is right for their setting by viewing our short video intros. This not only saves the schools time but also the candidate by not having to attend lengthy panel interviews when it’s clear from the get go it’s not a suitable match.

We were looking for a new scheduling & booking system when we were introduced to Realday. We were impressed by the simplicity of the platform but equally amazed at the functionality.

Realday has given us back vital time by providing a seamless scheduling & booking system that pretty much does the work for us”

Giving candidates the facility to upload their own documents via the Realday portal and app, as well as accept and reject bookings on the move has been a welcome introduction. We were also able to save so much time filling jobs by being able to see what candidates were free and sending them jobs instantly. Upon cultivating the concept with our clients that they can place and fill bookings themselves with full confidence that the system will only provide qualified staff for the role, feedback has been more than positive. We at 110% People know we’ve partnered with a great company who have provided a fantastic tool that will help us as we scale our business.

What do you think is key for recruiters within the education industry to think about in order to maintain success?

At 110% People we believe transparency and an ethical approach is essential with all clients and candidates especially with regards to costs and terms.

“With so much choice, it is vital that recruiters maintain their USP’s but also embrace technology and time saving methods to eliminate the pain around staff shortages.”

Recruitment should always focus on relationship building and that should remain a priority.  It should never just be about filling that seat, we have to understand our clients’ needs, not just the job spec.  We need to take time to understand client ethos, their culture within their teams, and find the perfect fit, both with skill set and personality. Getting the wrong fit causes long term problems such as high turnover and low staff retention which ultimately has an impact on everybody, not least the pupils in schools.