18. Feb 2020

Staff scheduling in retail

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Being in charge of a successful retail store is not easy. Managers are expected to be fully in charge of selecting, hiring and guiding staff, being in charge of inventory, managing finances, and marketing goods.

It is very important for managers to be organized and know exactly what is going on, especially if employing workers across different locations. A single glitch can result in an avalanche. Poor management leaves employees unengaged and unmotivated, which directly leads to unhappy customers. This outcome is very unfortunate but happens very often. It’s not a rare occasion for employees to be nowhere around in a store when customers need them, it happens very often for prices and goods to be mixed up on shelves, or stumbling upon a rude cashier lady. All these negative things can be avoided with an organized management approach and proper tools.  

Challenges that retail managers often face

  • Unmotivated employees
  • Schedules written on walls in break rooms, that employees forget about
  • Unorganized absenteeism
  • Last-minute shift swaps over the phone.
  • Poor internal communication

There are a number of approaches and management tools, that can both help overcome these issues and prevent new ones.

Motivate your employees

Managers should primarily create a bond with their employees, make them feel respected and heard. Everyone likes to know that they are doing a good job. Complimenting someone’s work does not take much, but goes a long way. Trainings and personal development are ways to motivate employees to work harder, broaden their perspective and learn new things. New ideas should always be encouraged and considered, it helps employees build their self-esteem and feel valued. Why not take an idea hat, where employees can write down their ideas on how their jobs or the general workflow can be improved and once a week those ideas can be read aloud and discussed. Bonuses and raises are also a way to further motivate employees that are doing a good job.

Technology does not bite! stop running away from it!

Technology should not be avoided, yes, you can try to scetch your schedule on a whiteboard, but you can also choose to write a letter to a friend and send it by post instead of writing an e-mail.

But, why do it the hard way when there are easier more optimized solutions available?

People decide to stick to the old-fashioned ways of scheduling or managing their business because they believe that transition is difficult, what they do not understand is that they are losing both money and time, by deciding to linger in one position for too long.

There are dozens of staff scheduling softwares available on the market; it all depends on your needs and requirements. Are you a manager working in a retail store? and are you facing the challenges mentioned above? Click on the link, request a demo for Realday app, and see what we offer and if our features can help you.

Our scheduling software is divided into two separate entities. A portal that is accessed only by the admins/management and a dedicated mobile app used by employees. Realday allows employees to request time off, receive notifications regarding shifts and swap shifts with other employees all on their smartphones. Managers can choose to approve or decline these requests and have a constant overview of who is doing what. Managers can build schedules in minutes and changes are made in seconds without having to re-create the schedule from scratch.

Handling a retail store has a number of challenges and there are a number of little things that need to be considered, but these things can be overcome with carefully handling employees and deciding to implement a staff management software.