11. Feb 2020

Staff Rota app makes shift planning a snap!

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Many managers and employers come into work on Monday morning, sit down at their desk and know that they have a number of meetings and important things coming up, but have to take out a couple of hours from their busy schedule to build a rota, so that both employees and clients are satisfied.

Take John for instance, John is a manager at a temporary staffing agency; his staffing agency is not so modern but they are trying to modernize. John has a number of temporary workers coming from various industries. He comes in every Monday morning with a frown on his face, because he knows that he will be spending the next two to three hours trying to build a rota, that will suit both his temporary workers and his clients. John does not have a staff rota app and uses spreadsheets for building his staff rota. So, the first thing he does every Monday morning is to check the jobs schedules that need to be filled for the coming week, then goes through his staff’s profiles, checks who is available, who is on holiday and when they are to return, he then has to check if anyone is off sick.

After an hour or so, he starts creating the list of available candidates. He then starts building a rota. Once the rota is finished, he sends the excel sheets to his staff. As time goes by John starts to worry if everyone has received the e-mail or has seen it. John then starts making phone calls, to check. It’s already two o’clock. John has another three hours of effective time to finish off a number of other activities, he worries that he will not have time, and he still has not had lunch. Another Monday that John will have to stay in late, deal with traffic and come home by 7:30, 8:00.

John has had it.

He decides that next Monday will be different. He starts looking into staff scheduling apps; he looks into the prices he looks into the features that would improve his workflow. He decides that it is time to take initiative. John decides to make a list of all the things that he would need to have in a software in order to boost his productivity and takes the list to his manager Larry.

John’s list:

  • I need a software that can filter out all the candidates that I need for a specific job
  • I need a software that will calculate all my necessary pay rates
  • I need a software with an app that all my candidates can have installed on their smart phones
  • I need a software with a calendar so that I can have an overview of all the absences
  • I need a software that can notify my candidates when their documents and certificates are about to expire
  • I need a software that can help me create employee rota in a couple of easy and fast steps

John took his list to Larry, and got a green light. Larry completely understood John’s frustration and told him to look into a scheduling software.

After looking into a number of scheduling apps and software, John stumbled upon Realday app. He realized that with Realday he can have all of the necessary tools needed to improve his workflow.

John decided to request a demo with Realday’s customer support team. After a detailed demo he realized that all his prayers would be answered. Realday is just what he needed!  

With Realday, creating a staff rota becomes a snap!

John can now save time and improve his productivity because with Realday creating a staff rota will only take him a couple of minutes, all his employee’s pay rates can be viewed and optimized in minutes.

Realday offers a mobile app so that all the employees can download it on their smartphones where they can view their shifts, swap their shifts in case they cannot make it to one, and select vacation days or sick days. This means that John will not have the obligation of calling each employee to check whether they have received an e-mail regarding a certain shift or a shift swap. In case a candidate’s document or certificate has expired they do not have to physically drop it off to the office, they can upload it in a matter of minutes using their smartphones.

John’s Mondays have taken a complete turn; he now comes in on Mondays with a smile on his face. He knows that now he has full control of his time, he actually has time for other things and his old repetitive tasks are set to a minimum.