30. Jan 2020

Why having a staff management software is a must

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Are you one of those managers who has a pile of resumes waiting on their desk in the morning? Do you turn on your computer and open up a shift schedule in an excel spreadsheet? Are you constantly on the phone, informing candidates about their schedules and shifts? They probably then kindly ask you to text them the work location or e-mail them a reminder.

You are not alone. There are a number of managers working in staffing agencies, who go through this struggle every day.

However, it does not have to be this way.

Surely you can organize your work life with the help of a staff management software with a number of features that might help you with shift management, complicated employee pay rates, vacation days and so much more.

Issues with not having a staff management software

There are a number of issues with not having a staff scheduling software even if you are a small agency with only a couple of candidates. You might not be selecting the best candidates due to still choosing outdated techniques such as:

  • On-call scheduling

On-call scheduling can increase stress for both employees and management. Employees are never sure when they might receive a call, they might forget about a call, they might not even receive the call.

  • Creating schedules in excel

Schedules in excel take up a lot of time, mistakes are easily made, a number of managers try to copy previous schedules and then make additional changes which always leads to mistakes.

  • Requiring candidates to come in and drop off their documents

Expecting candidates to come into the office to drop off their up-dated documentation takes a whole chunk of time out of everyone’s busy schedule.

  • Sending the location of jobs via messages or e-mail

A number of mistakes are made here. The manager might send a wrong address, the employee might find himself/herself on a completely different address due to a misunderstanding, etc.

In order to improve your workflow and help yourself we recommend a staff scheduling software.

How staff managing software can help you

A staff managment software will eliminate all potential mistakes.

  • Schedules are created in minutes and employees receive their shifts on a dedicated app.
  • Communication is drastically improved; most well-developed softwares will have a messaging feature that helps with communication.
  • With a staff scheduling software employees will have the opportunity to electronically upload their documents, without having to take time out of their busy schedules to physically come into the office.
  • Location tools can be extremely helpful when sending certain jobs to employees. With the location tool it is certain that an employee will be able to find where their next job is located, plus managers can also know when employees are close to their jobs – this reduces stress for both managers and employees.
  • You will be able to efficiently manage time off. With an adequate staff management software, employees can automatically insert their days off in the app. In case an employee is sick, with a management software they can simply enter sick days into the calendar and managers are notified in no time.
  • Better staffing decisions are made – with a staff management software, managers are able to filter out all the necessary details for each employee, enabling clients to get staff that match exactly the requirements that a particular job requires.

In case you are still using a spreadsheet, you know that a single change can have a huge effect on the whole schedule. This, in turn causes absolute chaos, especially once you try to fix it. Therefore, try to make your life easier and request a demo.