17. Jul 2019

Staff Management can be a Piece of Cake

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Temporary workers are becoming increasingly important in today’s business world, as a growing number of companies, big or small, choose to hire temporary workers rather than permanent ones. Today’s gig economy is making its number rise considerably. Companies who hire temps are successful modern companies in various industries; construction companies, factories, kindergartens, and nursing homes are placing their trust in temporary workers and their expertise.

However, managing employees – especially those temporary employed, can be a realf head over the heel challenge. There will always be issues such as:

  • Sick leave
  • Holidays
  • Absenteeism
  • Shifts being covered
  • Did a temp make it to the job in time, or at all?  

Although, believe it or not, managing your staff can be easy!

Tempest app works perfectly as a mobile or a native app.

 There are various staff management apps out there, that can improve organizations. Depending of course on what it is that they need, in order to organize their staff.

A couple of essential features that staff management apps and software should have

  • A location management tool
    Knowing the location of your staff is very important, especially if the jobs are dispersed across locations, and they should be there to help employers know that their employees made it to a particular job.
  • Shift swapping It allows employees to swap shifts for a particular job freely.

For example, if a construction worker can’t make it to a morning shift and his buddy from the afternoon shift is open for the swap, wouldn’t it be more comfortable and faster, for them to swap those shifts in minutes with a managers approval, instead of having to make several phone calls?

  • Managing shifts easily Being able to create and send sets of shifts in minutes.
  • Digital personnel file Wouldn’t it be great if you had a digital personnel file at your disposal at all times, containing all the essential information of your employee, such as documents, shifts that the person worked, sick days and days of absence.
  • Documents and compliance Being able to organize all of your employee’s documents and compliance in one place. Would it not be easier to have the option to upload all the documents into a software, without wasting time on paperwork?

Another question that often arises is, whether there is a staff management software that can be integrated into various industries. Well, there is!

Realday is what we can offer.

All of the above are just some of the features that Realday offers and that can help a corporation.

Staff management app

Realday is not only a platform for scheduling shifts and looking into sick days, holidays and employee documentation, it is also a staff management software that consists of a dedicated portal for employers/managers and an app for employees/temps.

Tempest is excellent solution for shift planning

With the staff management app, employees can receive shift offers from the employers, they can choose to accept or reject them, and notifications are sent directly to the employer. The app features a calendar where the employee simply marks the days for a holiday or sick leave and sends out a request to the employer. The app, also allows employees to upload needed documentation, which can then be approved by the employer. An addition, the app helps with communication; a built-in messenger, that allows employees to send and receive push messages to their managers or employers.

The portal controls whatever is done in the app and is strictly used by the managers/employers. This allows, the managers to have a remote insight of what is going on in the company, but also allows the employees to have a sense of comfort. By using Realday, managers and employers improve their business immensely.

A couple of problems Realday eliminates

  • Time lost on paperwork
  • Time lost on phone calls to workers, reminding them to update their documentation
  • Calling in sick / calling in to inform about holidays
  • Calling in to inform about a shift swap
  • Informing a temp about a new shift

The list goes on and on..