14. Oct 2019

Some Red Flags Staffing Agencies Might Endure

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Just like humans begin to display early symptoms before coming down with a major cold, staffing agencies too exhibit some hallmark red flags before major struggles and defeats happen. The best way to say afloat – and thrive – in this industry is to be able to recognise the warning signs early on in order to make the necessary adjustments to ameliorate the problems besetting your staffing firm.

The firms that go under are either the ones that completely ignore these red flags or never recognise them in the first place. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most common and likely red flags for forthcoming problems your temporary staffing agency might experience.

Red Flag One: Unstable Candidate Pool

A healthy and growing staffing firm should have a sizeable and stable pool of candidates from which it can readily draw upon at any given moment. However, a firm that is experiencing difficulties – or will be experiencing difficulties very soon – has an unstable pool of candidates, which is actually shrinking rather than growing.

This can be due to a variety of factors. Candidates might be abandoning ship to other firms. If this is the case, it’s best to assess what they are doing better than you and what they have to offer that you don’t. 

One way of accomplishing this is by simply engaging and talking to your candidates in a personal, curious manner. In fact, the simple act of doing so will help to build trust between you and your candidates. And trust is one of the key elements for retention. 

So in this case, simply trying to understand the problem will actually help to lessen the problem. 

You might also want to research your competing firms in this case to figure out exactly how they run their operations and what they do differently from you. You’ll likely find more reasons candidates are ditching you in favour of them. And you can quickly begin integrating these ideas into your own staffing agency.

Red Flag Two: Constant Scheduling Errors

Scheduling errors are not only a nightmare for you and your client, they’re a veritable headache for your talent as well (which could in fact be a reason for an unstable candidate pool). 

Scheduling errors, in the eyes of candidates especially, signify a firm with no coherence, organisation or competency. And these three characteristics are the hallmarks of a staffing firm not long to last.

Tempest helps shift-based

In order to avoid these issues, it’s best working with a staffing and scheduling software, in order to remove any room for inevitable human error. With an adequate scheduling software you will improve your day to day activities and reduce manual repetitive tasks!

Red Flag Three: An Unmotivated Internal Workforce

You know things are bad when even your own employees within the staffing firm itself are unmotivated and simply going through the motions.

This means they need challenges. You might even want to incorporate some of the recruitment games we spoke about previously into their day-to-day operations in order to revitalise them. 

Your agency is really only as good as your crew is. So make things interesting and new for them. Shift them around between positions periodically and/or as needs. And actively integrate new approaches into your recruitment operations.

Red Flag Four: Late Salary Payments

The number one nail in the coffin for any staffing firm is late salary payments. If you notice this happening in your staffing firm, even just once, it’s imperative you take immediate action.