20. Feb 2020

How to snag the best candidates

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We all like to think we know the best tactics for recruiting the best candidates. And it is probably true — we all do know them. Therein lies the core of the problem. If everyone is using the same, “best” tactics, then the playing field has been completely leveled. There is nothing that sets us apart, so technically there is no best “approach”. As competition in the industry for the limited talent pool becomes more intense, we must seek out new, lesser-known “best” tactics. Or even create our own.

Here are some ideas for staying a cut above the rest.

Move beyond the Job Boards

Social networking sites can be used for so much more than connecting with old friends or keeping in touch with that new buddy you met last week at a friend’s gathering. Used wisely, sites like Facebook can become fertile ground for talent harvesting. The best part about such a tactic is, you can get to know your candidates, including their jobs, titles and interests, much more personally than you could with old fashioned job boards and generic CVs. Brush up on Facebook’s search features in order to locate potential talent based upon their skills, specializations, and locations.

A more obvious, but not-to-be-overlooked option is LinkedIn. However, it’s also wise to consider more alternative sites like Reddit and niche forums for specific industries. Here, you will find people truly passionate about their respective industries while being able to place highly targeted advertisements, typically free of charge.

All in all, social networking sites possess immense potential for recruiting the best talent.

Word of Mouth

While so much can now be done online, we should be careful not to neglect word-of-mouth recruitment and internal references. We should take a look at our top-performing talent and carefully consider any leads they might have to provide. We all know the old saying regarding “birds of a feather…” and it is still true today. Quite often, our current talent has a wide circle of friends and contacts within their respective industries that’s ripe for recruiting and right for the job. So let us reach out to them and see what hidden gems they might have to offer.

Consider Those Not Yet Considering

Perhaps the best talent out there is not actively looking for a job and are what we’d call “passive candidates”. Too often we overlook these in favour of those actively seeking out work. But perhaps this isn’t the wisest tactic. Perhaps we should start reaching out to those who have chosen to stay dormant for the time being. 

It could very well be the case that they simply have not found anything that has yet enticed them to go back to work. Or that they are content with their current position. And it could very well be that we have the perfect opportunity that would entice them back or to make the move. It’s up to us here to be the active ones and reach out to them

Again, this is where social networking can help us out. Since we won’t find these candidates on job boards, it’s up to us to harness the power of social networking to seek them out and directly target them. 

When doing this, we must pay special attention to highlighting the benefits of the job for which we’re recruiting, and why it’s perfectly tailored for the specific candidates we’ve sought out. After all, this form of recruitment is far more personal.

Get Creative

Too often, job ads looks the same, sound the same, feel the same and seem the same. To the candidate wading through hundreds of advertisements a day, they will eventually all get muddled together in their mind — an amorphous, indistinguishable blob of keywords, numbers and requirements.

So let’s get creative. Try presenting your ads in video or graphic form. Consider snappy Instagram or Snapchat clips. Be sure to highlight the perks and benefits of the position. Be short and be catchy. This is a surefire way to grab candidates’ interest.