04. Jul 2019

Scheduling Software for temporary workers

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How do you schedule a shift? Take advantage of the benefits of scheduling software, with on demand scheduling software for temporary workers that is powerful, yet easy to use.

Are you familiar with the fact that companies have been struggling to properly organise their employees and their workflow for a while now?  

Assigning shifts to employees, and switching shifts between them has become frustrating for both management and employees. For a corporation to run smoothly, it is crucial for all parties to know at all times the status of a shift and who is at a particular job. Otherwise, chaos might ensue.

However, there is always a solution!

Take advantage of the benefits of scheduling software. Choose an on demand scheduling tool that is powerful and easy to use. It is essential to pick the one that suits your needs the best; And as a large number of businesses rely on work scheduling software, there are a plethora of choices out there. Here are some helpful questions to consider.  

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  • What is the size of my company?
  • Is it going to be easy for my employees to use?
  • Will it improve my business flow?
  • Will it save me time?

How do you schedule a shift?

In a sea of scheduling software solutions on the market, Realday is one that might be helpful for your business. With Realday, the job request flow is done in seconds. Complex shift schedules can be created with just a few clicks. Shift offers can be sent to one or more candidates, or even to all candidates in the system who meet the job requirements. We did our best to develop the online schedule maker that makes shift scheduling more efficient.

  • A manager creates a shift and sends an offer to the candidates of choice.
  • The employee receives the shift offer via a push notification on their phone and accepts or rejects it.
  • Once accepted, the shift is logged in the app’s calendar. If something comes up, the candidate can easily swap, or give away the shift.
  • When the shift is done, the job is forwarded to management for approval.
  • After approval, the shift is marked as complete and goes to the selected payroll system.
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If an employee cannot make their shift, they can easily swap it. Shifts can be given away or exchanged independently, with the managements’ approval.

In order to swap a shift, the employee simply chooses a shift from his app’s calendar and selects the swap option. All suitable candidates are then notified via a push message about the swap request. When a candidate accepts the swap, the original candidate is prompted to confirm it, and the shift swap is complete.

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Realday offers several features, which will improve your business and create a smooth working environment. Beside handling shift schedule for your employees and temporary workers, you can also;

  • Organize your documents and compliance You can automatically upload documents and compliance to the platform, they can be approved or rejected, and all parties are automatically reminded when a document is about to expire. Documents can be assigned to certain jobs in order to prevent unqualified employees from working in unsuitable positions.
  • Location management
  • Quickly locate your employees and know when their shift is about to start. Realday’s location tool is non-intrusive, and it was developed with expert legal help. The location management tool also allows a clear vision of who was where and when.

  • Internal communication
  • Realday also serves as a communication tool between the company and its employees. Managers can message workers with push messages, and conversations take place on a dedicated portal page.

  • Holiday and sickness management
  • Realday provides you with a top-level view of booked sick days and holidays. Use the filter options on the calendar to see who is working and where, and who is on holiday or sick. It is an incredibly easy way to keep yourself informed about essential workplace statistics.

With Realday, you will work smarter and significantly improve your workflow.