04. Feb 2020

How a scheduling software can help-out in managing a hotel

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Managing hotel staff is no easy task. It takes managers a while to establish routines so that everything runs smoothly. Even then, a number of glitches can occur. This is normal, as mistakes naturally happen, especially with lots of work. However, reducing unnecessary mistakes is the key to both management and staff satisfaction.

Some of the things you need to think about when managing employees working in a hotel or in an inn:

  • Who is working in which department
  • How many shifts need to be filled and who is working which shift
  • Pay rates depending on job type, shift time, and other variables
  • What happens when someone falls ill or is on vacation?
  • How to allow employees to swap shifts among themselves?
  • Avoid over and understaffing
  • Having an overview of your entire staff schedule

These are only a couple of things hotel managers have to worry about on a daily basis. Many hotels around the world use various software to overcome those obstacles. With a multitude of software solutions, it is not easy to decide which software is right for you.

Here is how Realday can help in the hotel industry:

Who is working in which department?

With our dedicated portal, admins can see automatically a list of all their employees and filter out the specific needed employees.

Below a list of all employees can be seen. From the list shown below admins can choose to filter out all the needed employees with the required skill set needed.

Tempest is a professional solution for candidate management
Candidates - Tempest app

With the Realday agency portal, you can easily view all the information needed regarding different shifts your employees are working on.

Team schedule - Tempest

With Realday you are able to view pay rates depending on job type, time of the day, and other variables. You can filter out the shift that your employee is working and what the pay rate is, depending on the shift.

Tempest is a professional temp staffing agency software

At all times, you can see in the calendar who is ill, or on vacation. Additionally, you will always have the option to create a report to see how many days someone was ill or on vacation.

Job calendar - Tempest app
Absences Overview  - Tempest app

Allowing employees to swap shifts among themselves is an easy process. With our dedicated candidate app, employees can send shifts to one another with just a couple of clicks.

Job list  - Tempest app

With Realday, you will be able to avoid overstaffing and understaffing. Using the filter search in Realday, managers are able to see what exactly each employee is doing.