08. Apr 2020

Retaining talent during these turbulent times

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It has been spoken before about the importance of clients and what they value in staffing firms.  What about talent? After all, what use are staffing agencies to clients if they are unable to consistently supply them, on-demand, with top skilled, highly qualified temp workers?

For this reason, talent retention should be one of the top priorities; however, this is easier said than done. As mentioned in the previous blog post, the need for temporary workers is rising due to the outbreak of Covid-19, meaning that the workers have an upper hand. Demand is exceeding supply.  

Therefore, it is very important for staffing agencies to make sure they look after their temps as much as they can during this difficult period. Let us look at a few key reasons staffing agencies might run into trouble with candidate retention and some ways to actively minimize them.

Staffing agencies could lose temps to competing staffing firms

Sometimes, it might seem there is one staffing firm for every five temps on the market. There are just so many, and more will continue to open. 

Therefore, in order to retain talent, staffing agencies must do everything in their power to stand out from and above the others. Staffing agencies should be using social media presence to actively, and consistently engage talent in a fun and useful manner. They should also be reaching out to them directly and soliciting their thoughts, insights, worries and ideas. 

Doing so will help build a strong, personal connection with talent. Those strong, personal connections are much harder to break than mere business relationships. 

Staffing agencies could also lose temps if they feel un- or under-valued

When talent feels they are not being valued as much as they should be, they will quickly begin to look for other firms that might treat them better and not take them for granted. 

So again, personal, meaningful contact is important here. Temp agencies should regularly be acknowledging their hard work and dedication and thanking them for it.

Moreover, staffing agencies need to make sure they have implemented an attractive benefits program available to those who work with their firm. A program that would be safe to implement during this difficult period. This could include paid online courses, virtual game nights, and other fun activities.

In addition, it is very important to show your employees that you care for their well-being during this time, so for all the temp workers that are on the road and delivering goods, for example, it is crucial that they are provided with proper medical equipment, such as gloves, masks, etc.   

Not only does this help them feel valued, but it also carried a monetary worth and dissuades them from hopping ship. 

Minimize and eliminate all sources of headaches, hassles and stress

Another thing that could cause problems with talent retention is the headaches that plague so many staffing firms. These range from simple miscommunications to delayed payments. However, they can all be equally distressing for top talent – especially those with many other options available to them.

Any structural and procedural problems that might be present in the staffing agency should be identified, and solutions should be implemented. For instance, if there are problems with delayed payments, one should immediately be working out the contractual kinks with the clients in order to ensure the payments are received before the salaries are paid. As a backup plan, one might perhaps seek payroll insurance in order to cover whenever these hiccups do occur. 

Problems with organizing temps and their shifts, which is an often issue that sometimes seems a problem just for managers, but actually affects temporary workers just as much. A staff management software works wonders to eliminate this problem, resulting in happy, content and effective talent.    

Become an industry leader in a specific niche

Large amorphous staffing firms often have problems with talent retention, as they have no specific identity and their competition is immense. Smaller scale, niche-oriented firms experience fewer problems with this, as, by nature, their singular focus dramatically reduces competition. Moreover, if your firm specializes in a specific niche and works tirelessly to become recognized as a leader in that niche, it also enhances your ability to snag and retain top talent. For the obvious reason, that the best players in any given industry want to work with and be identified with the best, more expert firm in that field.