18. Nov 2020

Realday Tips - Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Agency

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Sure, the old adage “you’ve got to spend money in order to make money” might be a cliche. But for good reason – sayings only become cliche if they’ve been consistently true for an exceptionally long period of time. And this cliche couldn’t be any truer for the recruitment industry.

In order for us to continue to thrive, maintain a competitive edge, and prevail, we must constantly be looking for areas in our industry to invest, in order to maximize our effectiveness and thereby our profits. However, with so much on offer out there, it can often be hard to know exactly what to invest in.

Indeed, a lot of what’s on the market might just be junk – a waste of hard-earned money. A good example of this might be mass e-mail marketing. Though it’s highly touted as a marketing a solution, for procuring candidates and clients, it is actually akin to throwing your money into a black hole. Mass e-mail campaigns end up in the spam folder 99% of the time. The 1% of the time they do not, it is exceedingly unlikely the person receiving them will be the person you’re looking for.

However, there are many valuable resources out there you should be investing in. Let’s have a look.

Proper targeted online marketing

Just because mass e-mail campaigns are a bad investment doesn’t mean all online marketing is. Properly calculated, analyzed and executed campaigns are invaluable will pay off your initial investment several times over.

A good online marketing campaign will include a highly detailed analysis of the job being marketed and of the market at which the campaign is aimed in order to make sure the proper demographics are specifically targeted and the ads are not wasted on people unqualified for the position or unlikely to respond to it.

They’ll take place over traditional media such as Google, but also via social media, including not only LinkedIn and Glassdoor, but also Facebook and Instagram.

Good ad campaigns will include compelling, engaging content and truly capture the attention of the designated audience.

Remember, when investing in online marketing, you should vet the ad agency you intend to work with, scoping out their previous work, example of their content creation, and their successes.

Back office outsourcing

Why do business outsource their recruiting to us? Because it allows them to focus on whatever it is they do best. Likewise, outsourcing some of our operations to back-office providers might be a wise investment, as it will allow us to focus exclusively on what it is we do best – recruiting and staffing.

We can outsource legal compliance, bookkeeping, and other secretarial duties. While initially might seem like a significant outlay of money, it will instantly translate into more time that can be spent on our primary, executive duties. And this extra time will soon translate to boosted profits.

Technology and software solutions

An array of software solutions have entered the market, with the goal of helping boost recruitment agencies efficiency and accuracy. Applicant tracking systems and AI recruitment software help us to select the very best possible candidates for any position and provide them with the most pain-free onboarding process possible.

Likewise, recruiting and scheduling software and apps such as Realday remove the headaches and chaos from scheduling, swapping shifts, avoiding manual tasks and so much more.

These software solutions not only virtually eliminate any human errors made in day-to-day operations, but make life far more enjoyable and easier for your candidates and your clients. The result is enhanced effectiveness and a glowing reputation.