22. Apr 2021

The Ultimate Staffing Experience

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Fed up with having to use software that just doesn’t work for you? Your staffing experience depends on how quickly you can get a shift covered, so you don’t want to be worrying about how you’re going to manage payments and make quick decisions. But how can you make this process more efficient?

This is where Realday comes in. Our software is not only boasting a clean, easy to use design, but it works in harmony with all three of what we imagine to be a triangle of the people who will benefit from it the most.

Making the Recruiter Life Easier

Recruitment in 2021 requires an update. Rather than sifting through contacts, ringing around for a simple task to be sorted, Realday cuts through the noise, offering up an easy method of filling roles for the client. With everything done within Realday’s software, you’ll not only be able to manage and engage with clients but redeploy requests efficiently as well. The staffing experience just got a whole lot better.

Clients, Relax!

With Realday, you’ll never have to worry about chasing around with timesheets or have a nightmarish staffing experience again. Keep track of your staff’s day with instant sign-offs on timesheets, or manage it at the end of your day instead. All this then automatically generates accurate pay and bill data.

Candidates, Staff and Those In Between

Nearly every person now has access to a phone that can utilise modern app stores. Phones might come off as a distraction, but in all honesty, they’re probably the life and soul of operations for a majority of companies. Contact, shift swapping and calling in sick, it’s incredible we went for so long without them.

That’s why Realday utilises this lifeblood to its best effect. Before they’re thrown in a locker, your staff can sign in or off on starting shifts, as well as swap shifts with other members of staff to ensure that it’ll never be unmanned.

They’ll get a detailed, easy-to-read schedule and accept or reject it based on their availability.

This is ideal for getting hold of temporary staff and makes their experience with you an easy-going one, ensuring retention and loyalty thanks to a simple method.

Realday, Saving the Day

Using every part of Realday as a recruiter will secure future business and retention of clients, simply down to how easy Realday makes the staffing experience for everyone in the pipeline. Clients will not only be able to liaise quicker with their staff and yourself but you to them as well.

Plus, at the end of the day, the loyalty from both clients and candidates will increase thanks to Realday’s different, but wonderful, approach to the management and experience of staffing for business.