03. Sep 2020

How Realday can help out in the construction industry

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Lately, the construction industry is based on project-based work, especially for construction workers. Construction workers are often placed on multiple projects at once, they could be at one construction site for 3 days a week and at a completely different site the remaining 2 days. Therefore, it is very important for them to have an organized schedule, with all the important details a couple of clicks away.

How Realday can help construction workers

  • With the Realday app, construction workers will be able to access their work schedules anytime any place.
  • Informing the agency about vacation days and time off is no longer a complicated bureaucratic process. With the help of the Realday app, it is done in seconds. Workers can access their calendars through their mobile app, and choose the days they wish to be off.
  • Updating documentation and compliance is another step that takes a couple of minutes with Realday, rather than a couple of days instead.

On the other hand, if you own a staffing agency operating in the construction industry, you are responsible for the whole process going as smoothly as possible. Especially since, both the client and the temporary workers depend on you.

If you are an agency, with Realday you have everything you need a couple of clicks away.

How can Realday help my staffing agency operating in the construction industry?

  • With Realday, you can create and manage multiple schedules
  • Intercompany communication will Improve drastically
  • You will be able to retain qualified employees
  • Your documentation and compliance will always be up to date
  • Realday is cloud-based. Meaning you can access it from any device wherever you are.
  • By using Realday’s mobile app, you will be able to send shifts to your construction workers. They can then access their schedule in seconds. In addition, workers will receive a notification a couple of minutes before the start of their shift.
  • Save overtime costs
  • You have a clear overview of who is on holidays or on sick leave