04. Mar 2020

Professions staffing firms need to keep an eye on

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The economic landscape is rapidly changing. With entirely new industries and professions seemingly sprouting and blooming overnight and other sectors that were once overlooked suddenly are coming into prominence. Staffing firms would be wise to keep an eye on these fields, as they are where the greatest staffing demands are likely to come from in the near future. 

By identifying them on time, staffing specialists can begin laying the groundwork and scoping out the hunting grounds in order to begin full speed recruitment at a moment’s notice. Having the field harvested, the feelers out and the connections in place will make all the difference. Between you and competing firms – as it means you will be sourcing the talent first.

Here are some fields that are really beginning to flourish that you should be keeping an eye on.

Software Engineers

It’s no longer the major software companies (e.g. Microsoft) that require software engineers. Increasingly, almost every industry conceivable has a growing demand for programmers and coders, from insurance companies to financial institutions to health-care organizations. 

  • Growth hackers: their responsibilities are to improve the further growth of a company and to grasp new channels or markets. They collect and analyze data and then draw conclusions so as to implement creative strategies that position a product or service before competitors.
  • AI experts: the use of algorithms and guided learning enables data to be processed in order for you to learn from them and be able to make a forecast or suggestion.
  • IoT experts: the Internet of Things is taking giant steps forwards and together with AI will provide new opportunities for growth and development.

However, don’t discount software engineers of any stripe. The rise of the gig economy is creating a demand for every type.

And other engineers

With the global economy back in full swing, building projects and urban development are again on the rise, literally and metaphorically. For this reason, there’s a growing demand for the full spectrum of engineers, including civil, landscape, environmental and industrial. 

Moreover, Project Management Engineers are also in high demand in various locales. In fact, the demand for engineers is growing so strong, it’s a niche you might consider tailoring your staffing firm specifically for.


Specifically, “data scientists”. It’s a fairly new field, but it’s the driving force being several industries that are integral to the economy in the 21st century, including marketing and artificial intelligence. While ideally candidates in this field will have completed a masters degree, many are entering it after passing a rigorous up-skill course. 

Alternative Energy

Despite the fact the USA withdrew for the Paris Climate Accord, the rest of the world – and especially Europe – continues to press ahead with the reforms outlined in it at full steam. The result here is twofold:

1.) Increased demand for workers specifically associated with alternative energy development and implementation (i.e. wind farm engineers and wind farm maintenance workers)

2.) Entirely new, hitherto unexpected industries based upon carbon reduction. In Estonia, houses are beginning to be 3D printed using a material derived from peat bog as a means of reducing carbon production. Such industries are expected to continue cropping up all over the world and will increasingly need specialized, temporary staff for one-off tasks.

Home Health Care Workers

The healthcare industry has also been a source of huge demand for staffing firms. Lately, though, we’ve been experiencing an ever-increasing demand for in-home health specialists. These workers assist the elderly and those will debilitating diseases, illnesses and disabilities carry out their day to day necessities. 

Fulfillment Associates

The rise of websites such as Amazon, Asos and alike has spawned an unprecedented amount of warehouses across Europe and beyond. These warehouses demand fulfillment staff, who process and dispatch customers order. The easy part of about staffing these positions is they don’t generally require any high degree of specialization. They do, however, have rigorous physical requirements that you must be sure to maintain.