Transform how you engage, manage, and retain your workers and clients.

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Scheduling & Deployment

Create, assign and swap
shifts with ease.

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Know your business,
at a glance.

Complex shift patterns are visualized inside intuitive scheduling and deployment views through which Realday lets you find available candidates for every shift.

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No-shows no more.

If there are last-minute changes to your candidates’ availability, they can swap appropriate shifts between each other using the Realday mobile app, so you can rest assured the job position does not remain vacant.

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Availability & Absence Management

Reduce your
speed-to-fill time.

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See who’s available
right now.

Real-time availability alerts from the candidate mobile app improve visibility and management of holidays and illnesses, allowing you to quickly find people who can work on the necessary date.

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Time Capture & Approval

Accurately capture
hours worked.

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Online timesheets
and mobile sign-off.

Efficiently record time and attendance using automated online timesheets with flexible and easy mobile sign-off for candidates and clients.

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Book the right person
to the right job.

Guarantee compliance
and be up to date.

Request, review and monitor candidate documentation as part of a robust compliance process.

You can connect specific documents to different job types to prevent unqualified personnel from working in unsuitable positions. As well as approve or reject documents directly from the recruiter web app.

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Get notified when a document
is about to expire.

When a candidate document is nearing its expiry date, both you and your workforce are notified so they can upload a renewed one and remain qualified for the job.

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average cost savings

Realday helps reduce monthly costs by 36% on average thanks to its preventative no-show, compliance and two-way messaging features.

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Pay & Bill

Automate payroll and billing
data generation.

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Realday’s rate calculator
allows for flexible rates

Easily create and maintain complex rates depending on client, qualification, working time and more.

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Accurate payments.
Every time.

Generate invoices, payroll and billing reports that integrate seamlessly with your back office system.

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Reporting & Analytics

Control and monitor

A snapshot of your
business’ health.

Visualize key metrics and KPIs with Realday’s robust reporting tool.

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Integrate and embed with
third-party software.

Our open API allows you to use Realday stand-alone or integrated with other CRM/ATS/VMS systems.

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Candidate Mobile App

Attract, engage and
retain candidates.

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All the tools your
workforce needs
for flexible work.

  • Clock-In
  • Timesheets
  • Availability
  • Documents
  • Job Acceptance
  • Messages

Allow your workforce to accept and swap shifts, upload documents and effortlessly manage their availability through our native mobile app.

Get notified when your candidates arrive to work, clock in and clock out, and message them directly to see how they’re performing at their new role.

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Track who clocks in for
work. And who doesn’t.

Keep your employees’ worked hours accounted for with Realday’s geotag feature that allows candidates to share their location with you upon arriving at work.

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Know who’s available
and who’s on holiday.

Real-time availability alerts from the candidate mobile app improve visibility and management of holidays and illnesses.

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Easily communicate
with your workforce.

Our direct two-way messaging feature lets you contact your candidates instantaneously to make sure they’re ready for the day.

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Client Web App

Client experience?
Same as yours.

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Keep your clients
in the loop.

Enable your clients to send you job requests and just as easily track candidate time & attendance through their own web app.

“From the moment we were introduced to Realday, we’ve been blown away by both their product and support offered by the whole team. We had found a solution to our complex issues and now have access to cutting-edge recruitment software that propels our business to the next level.”

Nicola Streak
Co-founder & Director, 110% People
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Be on the cutting-edge to the way you work.

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