24. May 2021

The UX Factor: Realday puts users’ needs first with the launch of their new UI and App; Realday 2.0

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Dublin, May 24th , 2021, Realday, a leading workforce management platform in the staffing & recruitment industry, has today announced the launch of their next-generation interface and user app. The announcement of the UI overhaul follows a 12-month dedicated drive to improve their product offering by adapting it to the specific needs and wants of both their clients and the market.

“We have worked tirelessly to build a platform that works for our customers, their clients and the candidates who are using the app daily. User experience is as important to us as functionality and it is at the heart of all we do for recruiters and candidates” said Mark Doyle, Chief Sales Officer & Co-founder of Realday. “With the influx of human-cloud platforms entering the market, it’s important that agencies are embracing technology and using it as a means to differentiate and create better experiences. The new Realday UI and features allow traditional recruiters to remain competitive in this technology-driven environment”

Realday launched its business in 2020 and it has since grown at a rapid pace taking the staffing & recruitment industry by storm. Their workforce management platform specializes in scheduling, deployment, time capture and retention of staff for temporary recruitment agencies. Through the combined offering of their client portal, candidate app and agency portal, Realday provides an on-demand best-in-breed technology solution, enabling agencies to offer the traditional and online experience not only for candidates but for clients too.

The launch of their new UI involves more than just a redesign, the entire platform has been reconfigured to match the needs of the market with 5 key features at the forefront of it.

  • New ‘look and feel’: The new design enhances the platform with clearer visuals and stand out buttons and colours.
  • Enhanced navigation: The platform’s efficiency and effectiveness has been improved through upgraded navigation paths from tab to tab with new features included.
  • Automated Workflows: Automate and templatize manual work in our client portal ensuring recruiters’ time is better spent on filling jobs rather than unnecessary administrative tasks.
  • Integrated Invoicing & Payroll Plug-in: Allowing users to extract and send billing data to different systems.
  • New Candidate App: The Realday Candidate App has been updated on both iOS and Android with improved functionality and features.

“The simplicity of the software makes this a winner, even from an early implementation stage it’s functionality saves us oodles of time and takes out the headache of chasing down people for bookings & timesheets. The system’s built-in compliance features take away the pain of storing/ filing/ chasing numerous documents and keeps us safe without having to think too much about it.”  said Nicola Streak, Director & Co-founder at 110% People.

Having recently secured an additional round of investment, Realday is now entering the next phase of its product development and roadmap with a focus on delivering high quality, easy-to-use technology for the staffing & recruitment industry.

“We are constantly engaging with our clients and industry partners to ensure we are up to date with current market trends and adapting our product offering with them in mind. We have high ambitions for our company and platform and with continued investment in R&D and our staff, we aim to exceed our growth targets by the end of 2021” said Georg Schmertzing, CEO & Co-founder at Realday.


About Realday

Realday is a workforce management platform that enables you to automate shift scheduling, assign and deploy within seconds, whilst creating a seamless and improved experience for everyone.

Realday allows agencies and companies to offer their clients an online experience through their dedicated, white-labelled client web application, creating online job orders, approving timesheets, and increasing brand visibility.


Etain Butler, Realday Marketing Director

Email: etain@realday.io

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