15. Oct 2020

Poppy Nursing tells us why Realday was the optimal choice for them

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Poppy Nursing became an adopter of Realday recently with a need to help streamline the processes of its business and approach to shift management.

We caught up with Andrew Byres, the Operations Manager from Poppy Nursing to discuss the relationship they have had with Realday from Day One:

“As a company we have used various software solutions for our staffing needs but never quite managed to solve the issues of making us as efficient as possible. 

That is until we met the team at Realday. After receiving extremely detailed demos and looking at the costings, which were fair and great value. We decided to move forward with the integration.”

Onboarding and customer success is central to the Realday offering and Andrew felt that the team went above and beyond which is great to hear:

“We were allocated a team to work with our staff and with time not on our side, Realday worked tirelessly to transfer our systems within the timeframes given. They kept in constant contact to develop the system the way that we needed it to. In just a short period we had moved to the system and all aspects worked beyond expectation.”

And how does Andrew see the relationship with Realday moving forward?

“As an evolving company, we have streamlined our operations with the use of Realday and continue, with their support, to develop the system further to adapt to ever-changing world we are operating in.

As a working relationship, Realday have gone above and beyond, and continue to do so, to ensure we are operating efficiently in our new system. They provide great support!

I fully recommend Realday as an workforce management system and strongly trust that there is no better solution within our sector.”


Poppy Nursing supply nurses and carers to hospital trusts and care homes across throughout the UK. They have hundreds of staff from multiple locations that they can call upon enabling to place people into difficult-to-fill positions across all parts of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.