26. Nov 2020

Marketing Manager for Growing SaaS Company

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Marketing Manager for Growing SaaS Company

Remote/Dublin | Salary dependant on experience

There are some tech startups where you can just picture yourself aren’t there?

Hopefully, Realday is one of them after you’ve read this.

Having recently gone through a rebrand and refresh of our workforce management platform, we’re now looking to really ramp up our marketing throughout the UK and the US to drive our growth.

Marketing is critical at Realday. Everyone is involved in idea generation from the product team through to leadership but we want somebody to grab the strategy and take responsibility for driving top-of-the-funnel activity.

You’ll have the expertise and support from brilliant graphic designers, content writers and SEO/PPC experts and be able to lean on one of the most experienced marketers in the industry we work in, but this will be your baby.

What new channels should we be using? How do we build our audiences and drive engagement? How do we get all of the team at Realday involved? You tell us.

Is that picture building yet? We hope so.

We’re early on in our marketing journey and whilst we’ve done some great things already, we need to do more.

We need to understand what works and what doesn’t and we need somebody to give us the insight on all marketing activity in terms of it driving leads and engagement on the content we’re creating (which you’ll have built a strategy for).

This means setting KPIs for marketing activity and reporting on return on investment (you’ll be building the budget). We want you to be the master of bringing marketing and sales together, demonstrating this by showing us how people come to our website, sign up for demos, engage with our sales team and ultimately become users of Realday.

So, if you’re able to show us your track record of setting and achieving targets with regards to lead generation, content engagement and increase in brand awareness then please get in touch.

We want you to start building a marketing toolkit for Realday that gives every member of the team the chance to build relationships, have meaningful conversations and introduce them to what we believe will be a market leader in the next couple of years. This will mean looking at social media, marketing automation platforms and presenting insight in a way that makes people go ‘Wow’!

We’re sure you’ve got experience of working with sales and marketing software (like Hubspot for example) and dive into the data and metrics they spit out – we like that kind of stuff. In fact, we’re a bit obsessed with it.

So how about it? Worth a chat? Realday is a company that gives its teams what they need to succeed and have a very transparent way of working with each other. So just ask.

Come and check us out, we’d love to see if you’re the one to take our marketing to the next level.