27. Oct 2020

Five questions with… Mark Doyle

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In our short series of getting to know the team, we asked Mark Doyle, Realday’s Chief Sales Officer and Co-founder the same five questions we asked Georg recently. 5Q´s with CEO & Co-Founder Georg Schmertzing


What is it you actually do at Realday?

My role at Realday is to lead the sales function, primarily focusing on the UK and US market. As part of my role and previous experience, I have also got a strong say in the product roadmap and direction.

Getting feedback from our clients and prospects is crucial to the continued success of Realday, and is a big part of our focus. One of the great things about Realday is that you get to experience a little bit of everything, knowing what your colleagues and different divisions are doing really helps create a better working environment, and is the backbone of our culture.


What does your crystal ball say about the future of workforce management?

There will be inevitably a big shift towards online bookings.  The technology is already around to allow businesses to ‘request’ workers by the tap of a finger or a click of a mouse. It’s probably not as focused on the users as it could be but this shift is going to have a wide-ranging impact.

This trend is already picking up pace with human cloud staffing platforms, and creates a threat for the traditional staffing/recruitment agencies. At Realday, we’re trying to fill that gap in between. Giving choice is the future and that’s what we’re building. We like to call a hybrid model – in other words, if a client wants a traditional approach, great, if they want an online approach, just as good.


Other than Realday, what’s the bit of recruitment tech you really like? 

Automation platforms are becoming increasingly popular within the industry, and it’s about time! Companies like Sense, Herefish, and even onboarding platforms like Employstream are a few names among many leading the way.

Staffing/recruitment agencies should let technology take care of the mundane tasks that are quite simply an admin burden. At Realday, we want to complement what you do currently, and let you get back to what you do best – nurture and build relationships.


Name one thing that companies or workers have to deal with that you want to fix.

Availability management. How agencies manage and monitor the availability of their temp/contingent workers is extremely antiquated. It’s so frustrating.

Picture this, every Friday calling your workers to find out their availability for the following week. Availability is dynamic and ever-changing, and things can happen that impacts when you can work. It’s simply not predictable.

Using the Realday smartphone app, workers can update their availability on the go. You can make yourself available when you’re looking for work; on days you’re not sure you can mark yourself as “open to work”; and on days you’re not free, you won’t be bothered anymore. It’s all about giving the control back and increasing real-time visibility.


Tell us something people won’t know about you.

Growing up I always wanted to be a cartoonist. I would draw day in and day out, but little did I know that years later I would end up in technology!