05. Jan 2021

Five questions with…Jack Harris

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At Realday we want you to know the people behind the product. A big part of what we do is building relationships and friendships but you can only do that by knowing us so we’ve sat down with a few of the team (we aim to speak to everyone!) to enable you to get to them and their role.


What is it you actually do at Realday?

My job title is Head of Product – that means I’m responsible for the direction of the product, and for leading the development of the features. I also act as the bridge between different departments, namely Sales (so I can hear first hand what our customers need), Implementation (so I can help with any specific requirements during setup for our clients) and of course Development.


What’s the biggest thing that agencies and candidates have to deal with that you want to fix?

In its essence, the product revolves around resolving inefficiencies in the temp hiring process. When one actually looks at it, it’s a fairly complex process to get a qualified, available candidate to actually work a shift, and there are hundreds of details that are needed to ensure everything goes smoothly. We want as many of the automatable processes as possible to be resolved by the software, so we save both the agency and the candidates huge amounts of time (and stress!).


What makes Realday a better product than the others?

There are several things that make us stand above the crowd here. Firstly, I do think we have a best-in-class scheduling system that allows the creation and deployment of a huge number of shifts in absolutely record time. Secondly, I think our User Experience (and indeed our UI) is really a cut above the competition – this is due to working with some really talented designers and engineers on the product. Thirdly, and not directly related to my role, I think our implementation and customer care teams are really first-class, and genuinely care about every client.


What issues did you encounter with the product in the past?

There are always many issues when building complex software products in startup-type environments. The main issue is always prioritising which feature to do first – we have so many requests from our clients for all kinds of different features that it’s tough to prioritise, and we need to be careful how we decide. Additionally, the need to push features out quickly whilst maintaining product integrity is a balancing act that we need to deal with every day.


Do you have any new product developments in the road ahead?

We have huge amounts of new features – and improvements to existing ones – coming up in 2021. We’re getting brand new apps with a fantastic new user experience coming at the end of Q1, along with a User Interface revamp to the entire web portal. We’ll also be adding some very advanced rate calculation features that will add to our already comprehensive system. We also have some really interesting things coming up but I really can’t talk about them here – if anyone’s interested then feel free to get in touch with me directly! I always love talking shop to current and potential customers.


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