12. Oct 2020

Five questions with…George Schmertzing

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At Realday we want you to know the people behind the product. A big part of what we do is building relationships and friendships but you can only do that by knowing us so we’ve sat down with a few of the team (we aim to speak to everyone!) to enable you to get to them and their role.

We’re kicking off a series of insights with  Georg Schmertzing Realday’s CEO and Co-Founder.


What is it you actually do at Realday?

As you’ve already said, I’m the CEO and Co-Founder of Realday. My role is to look at the bigger picture of the business but I can’t stop myself from getting my hands dirty now and again!

Balancing the short and long-term strategies of the company is a challenge but we need to constantly be looking at the how and what of the business whilst always being focused on our ‘Why’ of helping people build better relationships.

Alongside this, there is the need to assess the risks to the company and make decisions based on these risks. Communication is key in my role. I always want to know what is going on at all levels of the business balancing the development of Realday with the wellbeing of the team.

I like to see myself as the connection between the team, the company and our customers. I’ve also learnt that I’ve got to become a marketer as well so building on an online presence is something I am definitely working on!


What does your crystal ball say about the future of workforce management?

With everything that has happened in 2020, it is becoming increasingly important that in many industries you need to be able to work from anywhere and anytime with just a laptop and a WiFi connection.

It’s already happening, and will only increase in the future, that people will want to be more connected to the company whether they are permanent employees or part of the growing gig economy. And there are tools out there who manage to do that (take a look around the Realday site obviously…).  Hiring the right talent; being able to make seamless payments and having control over your hours, shift scheduling, shift swapping and salary is key. Choice and open communication will be important and demanded by businesses and individuals.

This is only the start, we need to listen to the market and adapt to their needs with innovation. We haven’t even started to see what the future in WMS is offering us…


Other than Realday, what’s the bit of recruitment tech you really like?

I love Recii– it’s a great bit of software making the experience of recruitment much easier. They have a really strong team behind them as well so I’m excited to see the future developments..

One of my friends is the co-founder of Lifted who are a CareTech company. The story as to how the business came about is inspiring and now genuinely changes lives.


Name one thing that companies or workers have to deal with that you want to fix.

There are too many people and businesses dealing with repetitive tasks and administrative work rather than focusing on improving experiences in recruitment. We’re trying to fix that through Realday. We want everyone to be focusing on the important factors of work: finding the right talent, arranging interviews, prescreening, starting conversations, building relationships and delivering a brilliant experience for everyone. That’s what it’s all about. Or at least it should be!

With Realday there’s a seamless flow between registering a new candidate, giving them their first shift, communicating through the Realday app and sending an automated invoice. The less hurdles the better.


Tell us something people won’t know about you.

I am a passionate tennis player and find my work life balance in sports. Another thing most of the people don’t know (but should) – try not to talk to me before I have my first sip of coffee. It’s not worth it. My wife has the same morning ritual, so our first conversation is always after our first respective sips of coffee!