20. Oct 2020

Five questions with...Friedrich Fürstenberg

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As we continue to dive into the backgrounds, opinions and insights from some of the team here at Realday, we catch up with Friedrich Fürstenberg. Friedrich, or ‘Fritzi’ as he is affectionately known is Realday’s COO and Co-Founder.

What is it you actually do at Realday?

My role at Realday is to lead operational optimisation, implementation and customer success. I mainly focus on the UK and US market but now and again handle some customers in the German speaking world. My aim is to optimise our different channels within the company ensuring the best possible customer and user experience. 

I work closely with sales in order to understand the pain points that clients are facing these days, this allows me to understand what aspects of implementation I should focus on primarily. I also like to dabble into the world of marketing, especially in regards to SEO and website-based marketing.

What does your crystal ball say about the future of workforce management?

For me the trend is that clients are looking for flexible solutions that are easy to adapt with their current processes, but also have innovative segments. They don’t want to be told want to do, they want to be able to build solutions that suit them

Ultimately we will see a big wave of digitisation in traditional staffing/recruitment agencies as these will be the ones that will be able to work most effectively. Connecting the recruiter, the candidate and the client into one process will allow information exchange to happen more rapidly such as shifts, documents, messages. 

We have to also keep in mind that not all agencies advance in technology at the same pace, therefore it is the user friendly systems that will achieve most success. 

Other than Realday, what’s the bit of recruitment tech you really like?

I believe there are many interesting tools in the market, Realday is very agnostic when it comes to partnering and integrations so we are constantly on the lookout. 

Personally I believe parsing tools are very interesting because it allows information such as emails to be fed directly into systems, which saves vast amounts of time. I also believe that VMS (vendor management systems) are very useful because they really compliment Realday very well. 

Name one thing that companies or workers have to deal with that you want to fix.

This is simple for me. A user friendly guided approach for both businesses and individuals. While this is a bigger theme than an actual feature I believe this is decisive for both parties to actually enjoy using any form of software. 

At Realday we aim to guide the user. In my role I deal with our existing clients and the aim is very clear, I try to make them enjoy the system because it is effective but also user friendly.

Tell us something people won’t know about you.

I’m very passionate about learning new cultures and visiting different places, the virus hasn’t helped very much when it comes to this but it just meant more research and reading for me. 🙂