21. Nov 2019

What Millennials are Looking for in Temporary Staffing Agencies

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Why your temporary staffing agency is in major need of an adequate staff management app?

Young people already make up the lion’s share of temporary workers. And it’s only going to continue rising until an overwhelming supermajority of our workforce are Millennials. 

And this has already begun to have some profound effects on the industry. Indeed, we’ve had to update the ways in which we recruit, attract candidates and even interview them.

But what are they really looking for when they go out searching for temporary staffing agencies.

A place that thrives where they reside

But not in the literal sense. Rather, in the internet sense. They’re looking for – or rather, most attracted to – firms that have a robust, eye-catching presence on the social media platforms they use the most (Instagram and Snapchat being the main one, Facebook to a lesser yet still important extent). 

Millennials are looking for firms that understand how to use visuals and engaging content to capture their attention. Which is to say, they’re looking for firms that (metaphorically, again) speak their language.

And what is their language?

In simplest terms, it’s good content. Staffing firms that promote themselves their vacancies through graphical means, including info graphs and short videos, are those most likely to attract Millennials (and others in adjacent cohorts). 

Moreover, “good content” means “engaging” and “useful” content. This is why it’s vital that your firm produces a blog that addresses topics that are poignant and meaningful to Millennials entering the workforce. As well as to interact with them regularly via social media and keep their interest with various apps.

Like all languages, theirs is one that demands information and communication flows in both directions.

And every language needs a medium

While the medium of communication for the languages of prior generations was primarily email and mobiles, and before that, old fashioned landline phones, Millennials have learned to communicate primarily via apps. This is why having an adequate staff management app is crucial for temporary staffing agencies.

But it’s more than just that

It’d be easy to discount our Millennial workforce as superficial due to their seeming addiction to social media and demand for entertaining content. But we must not lose sight of another fact regarding Millennials – they’re most attracted to companies that are in line with their values.

As young workers are overwhelming in favour of diversity and environmental friendliness, it means they took are most interested in firms that share these values. 

This is why it’s important to not only make diversity and social responsibility key parts of your staffing firm’s company culture, but also part of its image. 

Due to the nature of the medium of social media, image and essence have now been inextricably linked. And we must do our due diligence to make sure our web presence and marketing campaigns reflect these values, especially in a visual manner.

And yet there’s a lighter side

However, the above is not to say that Millennials do not have light-hearted, more playful desires as well when selecting a staffing firm. Because they absolutely do.

And while they might want their chosen firms to be diverse and in favor of social responsibility, they also want their firms to place an emphasis on fun and informality. This is why we’re seeing companies such as Google and Facebook establishing game rooms and coffee lounges in their offices, abandoning traditional dress codes and promoting a more informal work environment. 

Millennials, more than any other generation, want to – and are not afraid to – mix work and play.

Therefore, we must make efforts to embrace this playfulness and reflect that in our staffing firm’s brand image.