13. Feb 2020

Key features of staff management software to temps

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We are all aware that employers and agency owners widely benefit from having a staff management software. It helps them with most of their everyday activities and helps them avoid mistakes. But, it’s not often that people examine it from the temp’s point of view. What do they think? Do they prefer it, compared to the old ways? Are they happy?

Compared to the “old ways” temps just like managers wasted a lot of time on manual things that were both frustrating and boring. The thing about the 21st century is that tech is automating every step, and improvements are always around the corner. When searching for the best software to be implemented in a staffing agency temps need to be considered just as important as managers, because in order to have a healthy work environment everyone needs to be appreciated and considered.  

What are the key features that are crucial to temps when using staff management software?

Easy to use

For temps working in temporary staffing agencies, the most important thing is for the software to be user-friendly and easy to use. They want a simple software that they can download and use immediately, without spending too much time setting up.


It’s not enough if the software you decided to use will only make sure your shifts are covered or only that absences are monitored. It’s important for employees to have one functional app that covers everything related to the agency or company in one place.

  • If an employee/temp decides they want to go on a holiday, they should have the ability to easily set dates in a dedicated app. Where the admin can have a constant overview.
  •  If the agency requires specific documentation, the employee doesn’t have to worry about not having the right e-mail address or worrying if the documents will end up in someone’s “junk” or “spam”, or worse having to physically drop it off. Uploading documents is a functionality that should be the norm.
  • The messaging tool is also another important feature for temps. If they have a question about a specific job for their superior, they don’t need to send an SMS message or use other communication channels. Having a messaging feature helps them send messages to their superiors, and receive instant answers in the messenger that is a part of the app.
  • Having a location tool as part of the software helps temps reach the right location in no time. Avoiding the possibility of getting to a wrong address.
  • Swapping shifts among temps helps greatly in case a specific temp can’t make it to a job. With the ability to swap a shift with a colleague who has the same skill set and experience required for a job.


Temps are always on the go. Therefore, it’s very important for them to have the possibility to access the software that their agency decided on using on their smartphones.

Deciding on the right staff management software for your agency is a process that takes a lot of time and energy, request a demo for Realday and talk to our customer support team!