30. Mar 2020

Keeping up during this difficult time

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In spite of fear and uncertainty currently surrounding us, economies around the world are still holding up. People are functioning almost-normally, the typical nine to five daily life still exists, but from home. The Covid-19 went from an outbreak to a full-on global pandemic. Employment rates are expected to fall drastically compared to 2019. A number of companies are considering on putting their hiring process on stand-by until things go back to normal, although others continue to recruit new candidates.

The pandemic will come to an end and when it does you need to be ready to pick up where you left off, candidates and open positions will be waiting. Even though you may not want to put yourself at risk by hiring new employees until it is safe, you can start preparing for it. A few ways to make this possible can include: Organize digital recruitment, create online meetings, make online connections, and keep in touch with potential talent.    

Some things you can do at the moment

  • Employers must communicate

Regardless of the situation, employers must keep their communication on point towards current employees and candidates. Transparency and communication are the key points to the success of any business during these critical times.

  • Interviews and recruiting

For employers who are still in need of hiring, the hiring process does not need to be delayed or completely stopped. Recruiting can still take place through online platforms such as LinkedIn or other social media. Interviews can be organized online from people’s homes.

Interviewing digitally is the smartest answer during our current situation. Not only do employers protect themselves and their families, but they also protect candidates and their loved ones. By taking their employees’ and future employees’ healths into consideration, the company shows commitment to the well-being of people’s health.  

  • Working from the workplace during the pandemic

In case your staff continues to work regularly from the workplace, employers are expected to meet the daily health-care needs of their employees to continually ensure their safety by providing hand sanitizers and other medical materials such as gloves and face-masks. They are also encouraged to spread awareness of the importance of limiting physical contact in the workplace and installing new measures recommended by the World Health Organisation.

  • Keeping employees motivated

In case your employees are working remotely from their homes, it is very important to keep the communication line open. Once working hours are over, it would be interesting to organize on-line game nights, fitness hours, book clubs, and other fun activities that employees can enjoy together from their homes.

  • Online training for employees

Organizing online trainings for employees to help them develop skills can be very motivating for workers and helpful to the company. Since most people are being safe and staying at home, this gives people more opportunity to devote time for self-development. This is a great way to show employees you appreciate them and are grateful for all their hard work.

It is definite that the pandemic will pass; when that would be we still don’t know. But once it is over both employers and employees should come out together as a team.