27. Nov 2019

Job Scheduling with Realday

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For a number of managers working in staffing agencies, job scheduling is a task that can make their stomach turn. Whether done manually or electronically, this is a task that takes a whole chunk of time out of their busy schedule. Trying to find the right temp for the right job, creating a schedule, getting feedback from the temp that they can’t make it. And rearranging the whole schedule again… it’s a spinning wheel!

Wondering how this process can be simplified?

Realday is the answer to your question!

When creating the staff management software, one of our aims was to help managers and turn things around. Instead of the whole process being dull and long lasting, we achieved to shorten the process of job scheduling immensely. Realday provides a system that accounts for employee’s skills, preferred working hours, absences and vacation days, helping managers create efficient schedules. Once the schedules are made, managers can send out job requests. Employees receive job requests on their smartphones and can choose to accept a job or reject it. Easy as that!

In case you decided to take a leap into the future, and consider using Realday for managing your job schedules, read how you can create and manage jobs with Realday