05. Nov 2019

Improve the Performance of Your Temporary Staffing Agency

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You should always be looking for ways to improve the performance of your temporary staffing agency. There are many ways we can do this. Some can be time and labour intensive. However, there are also some quick and easy solutions we can implement with ease. And in doing so, we can improve the performance of your temporary staffing agency. 

Get on Facebook!

Instagram, SnapChat, And every other form of that marketing miracle worker we call “social media”. Not only does this enhance your online presence, making you much more accessible to your target demographic, it also gives you access to a talent pool virtually anywhere in the world.

LinkedIn is perhaps the most critical to be registered with at the moment. It’s Recruiter app dramatically decreases the amount of time spent searching for suitable applicants. And as we are all aware of, time is currently of the essence in this industry. A minute can mean the difference between snagging the perfect applicant and losing them to another agency.

Maintain A Sleek, User-Friendly Website

All that social media marketing is for nothing if candidates and clients aren’t redirected to an enticing, user-friendly website. In fact, your website is perhaps the greatest testimony to your agency’s credibility. A modern, up-to-date, fully-functioning, easily-navigable site goes a long way towards enhancing your clients’ trust. And clients, as we all know, will always go with the agency they can trust the most.

So take a look at your website. Does it scream 2019 or 1998? Are all the links functioning? Is it pleasing to the eye? Is it clear, concise and simple to use? Can clients easily access the information they might be looking for? These are all things you should consider.

Consider Finding a Niche

Temp work is no longer the province of day labour and clerical work anymore. As we all know, it has expanded to nearly every sector of the modern economy: healthcare, IT, security, engineering, human resources and even management itself. Instead of trying to cover every area, it might be wiser to focus on a specific niche and become a specialist in that more circumscribed domain. 

After all, a potential candidate might be more interested in — and trusting of — an agency that exclusively serves their field rather than agency without any specific focus. Certainly, a computer programmer would much rather go with a tech-related agency rather than one that generally staffs nurses of secretaries. 

Moreover, going niche also increases your chances of becoming a leader as there are far less agencies to compete with with any given subfield.

Maintain an Up-to-date Workforce of Your Own

We often spend so much time making sure our candidates are properly suited for our clients’ needs that we forget our employees must be up-to-date and continuously trained as well. A highly trained workforce of our own ensures the highest possible placement successes, less time spent fixing errors and keeps our agencies adaptable, flexible, quick-to-respond — all of which are the makings of a market leader.

Find the Right Software

Recent years have seen the advent of a variety of different software platforms dedicated specifically to the temp staffing industry. These include financial reporting suites, shift management systems and client relationship management solutions. Some software might be needlessly complicated while others might be too simplistic. It’s important to sort through them to find which best suits your needs. Be on the lookout in the near future for a software that best suits your business, one that can help you organize your shifts, cut down on manual time wasting tasks such as getting your documentation in order and simplifying pay rates.  

Tempest is such a software, which will help you filter through candidates at a much more rapid pace and provide your clients with the most suitable matches. An up to date software such as Tempest will give your firm the competitive edge necessary to thrive in today’s marketplace.