01. Feb 2021

How to Make a good Rota with a Staff Management Software

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Every successful manager or business owner knows the secret to success lies in a long list; skills, processes, routines, tools, etc. One thing that is always close to the top of the list is being organized, as well as being successful at organizing your staff. There are various methods and approaches that can help organize staff. However, in today’s digital age, there simply is no better solution, than having a good employee scheduling software. It is crucial to implement a well-developed employee scheduling software when monitoring employee time sheets and schedules. An employee scheduling system automates the process of managing staff schedules that help in tracking sick leaves, absences, vacation time.

Managers are in constant search of rota templates on the internet, that could help them improve their staff management and rota planning.      

Building a staff rota is naturally not an easy task; it is a time consuming process, tiring and costly, but is unavoidable. If you are a manager of a temporary staffing agency, planning a rota becomes one of the most frequent and most important tasks. 

Some managers choose the manual path, they have a number of spreadsheets, which they send out to their staff. Others even choose a more complicated way, and try to sort out their staff rota by pen and paper, or whiteboard and marker. This means that the staff have to go and pick up their schedules or constantly check their e-mails for any updates.  

Make no mistake: Technology is the first line of defense – and attack – in trying to reduce overhead, save time and money. A software solution for creating rotas is the logical and correct choice.

Staff Rota

When creating staff rota, the process should be easy and fast for both employer who builds a staff rota and for the employee. While creating a rota, employers should have the below benefits:

  • Creating the rota should be comfortable and fast.
  • Changing, or adding new information into the rota should be simple, quick, and above else, user-friendly.
  • The rotas should be accessible from anywhere – both employers and employees should be able to access their rota from anywhere, at any time.
  • Notifications – it’s very important for employees to be able to receive notifications on their smartphone, concerning any changes or additions to the rota. 
Calendar feature - Tempest app


Employers or managers should not have to go through too much trouble when creating a staff rota. It should be a swift and intuitive process, which takes very little time out of their busy schedules. Ideally, this process should look something like this:

  • Go through the calendars and job request
  • Check the availability of the candidates
  • Build a rota
  • Share the rota with the staff

This four simple steps should, more or less, be all there is to it. Moreover, a suitable software solution should make going through these steps a piece of cake. By making the whole process simpler and more transparent. Managers save time, make fewer mistakes and their work clearly becomes more efficient.

Calendar feature - Tempest app


Staff rotas created by managers primarily need to work out for the employees. It is very important for employees to be satisfied. As the quality of work to a great extent depends on the employee’s satisfaction.

It is important to consider the number of hours an individual employee works, the location of the job, the availability of an employee, etc. All of this needs to be sorted out in advance so that the managers do not have to waste time going back and forth with changing schedules. In addition, it is crucial for employees to be up to date and to receive relevant information about a job and the job location in advance. 

A software solution like Realday takes care of all these aspects and much more. Rota creation becomes something that you do in just a few easy steps. Sending the rota to employees, making changes and keeping employees up to date, it all becomes much easier and more transparent. Take advantage of the benefits of a rota planner like Realday.


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