12. Apr 2021

Five ways in which scheduling software can make your recruitment agency more profitable

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The recruitment industry has always been known for being fast-paced, ever-changing, exciting and profitable. With a rollercoaster of highs and lows each month throughout the year, along with lockdowns and office closures added into the mix in 2020, recruitment agencies have seen some of their most difficult times over the past 12 months. That being said, with the number of healthcare, education, tech and retail vacancies on the rise, now is the time for recruitment agencies to look at where and how they can increase profits going forward.

There are various ways for businesses to increase profits, from hiring expert recruiters to cutting back on certain departments’ budgets. But, one of the best ways to increase profit, save time and utilise technology is to introduce scheduling software into your recruitment agency.

Here, we look at five of the key reasons why you should consider scheduling software for your business.

1. It Streamlines your To-Do List

The reality is, a recruiter’s to-do list is never complete. As soon as you tick three things off the list, another five get added in the same day. Utilising scheduling software not only streamlines your to-do list, but it can cut your time in half when you’re trying to multitask and get things done.

Particularly if a recruiter works on a lot of gig economy roles, using one piece of software to advertise jobs, schedule shifts, calculate pay rates, view timesheets and automate payroll gives them some breathing space. This means that recruiters can save a considerable amount of time, thus meaning more can be achieved in said spare time, resulting in increased profits.

2. It keeps everything in one place

Checking emails on your phone, advertising vacancies through job boards and your company website, and writing down notes in your notebook can mean that more often than not, something gets lost along the way. A job you have been meaning to advertise all week that you keep forgetting, or an employee you had been wanting to catch up with who didn’t turn up to work yesterday, can easily be forgotten. When you are spinning plates and trying to keep on top of reactive tasks as well as planned goals, things can often slip through the cracks.

Scheduling software, such as  Realday, enables recruiters to keep all their pieces of the puzzle in one place. Instead of constantly flicking between different software platforms, phone calls, devices and social media accounts, the most profitable option for businesses is to use one that does it all. Did you know software existed that allows recruiters to message employees, organise shift planning, view holidays, pay bills, generate reports and advertise jobs?

3. It can be used on-the-go

Recruiters are constantly on-the-go. Of course, time spent at a desk either on a laptop or on the phone is considerable – but there’s far more to it. Commuting to and from work, whether it’s on public transport or driving, gives recruiters plenty of extra time to speak to candidates before and after core work hours.

But that’s not where it ends.

As a recruiter, you need to be able to respond in a timely manner to candidates, even if that means occasionally replying to an enquiry at 2pm on a Saturday. By using scheduling software through a mobile recruitment app, recruiters and candidates are able to stay in touch and make last minute arrangements where needs be. That way, you don’t need to wait to log onto your CRM at work on Monday morning to find out that a candidate needs to swap a shift that day. It could already have been arranged with just a few taps on your phone over the weekend.

4. It keeps you organised

2020 has seen a huge change in working environments for the vast majority of workers, regardless of the industry they are in. Many recruiters have now set up shop with an at-home office space, which had previously never existed. This might sound like a dream scenario on paper – waking up, making a coffee, sitting down in your office and getting straight to work – but actually, it can mean something completely different.

Being disorganised.

Laptops, phones and tablets with emails, messages and notifications all day is one thing, but adding in an electricity bill, a knock on the door from a delivery man and the fire alarm beeping downstairs can mean some workers miss the office environment, for obvious reasons. Utilising scheduling software can enable recruiters to stay on top of their workload and remain organised, no matter where they are working.

5. It is enjoyable

Being able to use a system with a clean, user-friendly interface makes daily tasks so much more enjoyable. Following one of the toughest years the recruitment industry has seen in the last decade, ensuring recruiters are enjoying what they do on a day-to-day basis, in any way at all, is vital for staff retention.

Put it this way – when you go to make a cup of coffee in the morning, is the kettle in the kitchen, the coffee in the bathroom, the milk in the living room and the sugar in the garage? No. It’s all in one place to make your coffee-making experience easy, straightforward and enjoyable. The same goes with scheduling software – it keeps things all in one place, making processes and workflows simple.

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