08. Dec 2020

Five Takeaways from Realday’s appearance on UKRecruiter Tech Show.

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Five Takeaways from Realday’s appearance on UKRecruiter Tech Show.

Back in October, our CEO Georg sat down with Louise Triance from UKRecruiter to talk about not making mistakes when it comes to choosing your workforce management software.

Over the course of the 40 minutes conversation, we covered why the UK government’s Excel fiasco could easily happen with recruitment agencies in the way that they managed the workers.

We’ve picked out five clips below from the show of what we found to be the key messages.

1. There’s not a single piece of software that does everything.

Georg says that you need to focus on specialist software that has the most impact on your business. He uses the example of Realday’s scheduling features which can save you time and increase efficiencies.

2. The importance of having up-to-date information.

Why temporary recruitment agencies need real-time insight on the availability of candidates and how much a difference of knowing where workers are can have on your agency’s fill rates.

 3. Shop around

Do you know your internal business well enough to make decisions on new software for your recruitment agency? You need to shop around, look at the best in class and ask them questions that will give you the answers to inform your choices.

4. Building trust with your candidates and clients.

Recruitment agencies need to focus on the experience. Technology can do that, allowing recruiters to ‘forget’ about the repetitive tasks and focus on building relationships…and trust.

5. The importance of goals.

When choosing workforce management software you need your goals in mind. Should your processes match your software or should you change your processes to match your software? Without goals, it doesn’t really matter.

And that’s our five takeaways. If you’d like to watch the full episode then you can head over to Crowdcast to watch the replay.