20. Mar 2020

Does your staffing agency rise above the rest?

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The polls consistently tell us the same thing: The number one challenge facing staffing agencies across the World today is increased competition. As economies across the world continue to grow and add new jobs, this, in simplest terms, means more people are fighting for a finite talent pool. In such circumstances, it’s important to stand out and above the hungry mob of recruiters in order to attract talent to you, rather than going down into the trenches to fight it out.

But in order to do so, you must first make sure your staffing agency truly shines. What constitutes such a firm? For starters, one that is sought out (by candidates and clients alike) rather than one that does all the seeking. Are you one of these firms? Here are some questions to ask yourself.

Have you found your niche?

A staffing agency focusing on a specific niche has a far greater chance of becoming a trust, recognizable market leader. While a firm spreading its nets far and wide might technically cover more ground, one that specializes in specific fields is more likely to develop a memorable brand image and cultivate an aura of expertise.

Have you made it personal?

If you’ve already begun specializing in specific fields, this part is a whole lot easier. By doing so, you can become intimately familiar with the key players, top talent and the best places to attract candidates. With this information close at hand, it’s much easier to personalize your firm’s approach, thus giving it an upper hand in an exceedingly competitive market. Also, you’ll better know the candidates’ behavior, what motivates them, the best ways to contact them and win their loyalty.

Moreover, you should be maintaining regular, personable contact with your talent and clients. Using the data gleaned from these contacts, you can get a better picture of what is and what isn’t working.

Are you taking the marketing side seriously?

When running ad campaigns, especially for job ads, you shouldn’t be content with the bare minimum. Are you putting serious thought into crafting these ads in meaningful, captivating ways? Are you analyzing the data to make sure they’re reaching their intended audience? Are you running A/B campaigns with ads to see which angles net the best results? You should be approaching marketing in the same way a producer of consumer goods does. But in this case, you’re not selling a pair of trainers, you’re selling something even more important: a job.

Are you winning the loyalty of your talent?

A staffing agency with a steady, dependable talent pool from which they can draw at the drop of a hat is a firm in good shape. It can adeptly and rapidly respond to market and client demands, and that is something to be prized. The best way to ensure such a talent pool is by winning — and maintaining — the loyalty of your talent. Cornering a niche and making things personal are both ways of doing this. Moreover, keeping in regular contact with your talent — even when they’re not currently working — via phone calls, emails and social media is another way. You should be sharing useful, valuable knowledge with them through this means, while also getting them to engage in surveys and polls. Consider hosting events for them as well. The more engaged they feel, the more loyal they’ll be.

Are your matches working out?

Think of this industry in the same way you’d think of the match-making industry: The firm with the highest rate of marital success will thrive and prosper, while those with skewed divorce rates will eventually die out. So, make sure you’re on top of your matching and placement game. Is your staffing agency using the latest AI and recruitment software to single out the best candidates for the position? Are you regularly following up with your clients and candidates to make sure things are developing in a positive manner?

Are you making use of the latest technology?

If not, prepare to be relegated to the waste bins of history. Technology places an evolutionary pressure on any industry, but especially ours. And only those who can quickly adapt will survive. Are you using the latest staff management software for managing your staff? Are you using staffing scheduling apps to streamline, expedite and eradicate errors in the procurement and scheduling process? Are you making most of the data from CRM software and applicant tracking systems? Put it this way: you don’t want to be the one riding a horse in the age of Teslas.