14. Aug 2019

4 benefits of a healthcare staffing software

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Working in the healthcare industry can be stressful and requires an aptitude for keeping up with fast-paced, round-the-clock responsibility. Nurses are mobile more often than not, caregivers go from location to location to work with patients, and employees at independent practices usually have an array of different responsibilities.

So, how do you effectively manage the schedule of a multitude of healthcare employees across different locations?

Surprisingly often, staff scheduling still takes places manually, on a spreadsheet, and hard copies are distributed to employees. Managing schedules is very time-consuming and inadequate employee communication can result in missed shifts, employees working too many hours, and increased overtime costs.

The solution to this problem is a healthcare and medical staff scheduling software, that will make managing your physicians, nurses much easier. Not any software will do however and primarily, it must fit your needs. Nevertheless, some essentials are as follows:

1. Easier shift management

A staff scheduling solution like Realday gives both staffing managers, or staffing agencies, and healthcare workers the tools they need to make scheduling efficient, convenient, and accessible.

The Realday portal and smartphone app will help you streamline the schedule creation and communication process, by automatically matching available candidates to shifts you created and notifying them about a job offer, via a push-notification on their smartphone.

2. Improved communication

It improves communication with two-way text messaging for alerts, questions and reminders. Employees and managers always remain in touch via the Realday app’s messaging functionality.

3. Transparent schedules

The integrated calendar allows candidates to trade shifts, request holidays, or call in sick with just a few clicks. The manager is notified in real-time and only needs to approve the request.

4. Efficient document management

The app even enables candidates to upload requested documents or certifications, making document management easier than ever before. A document is about to expire? The app notifies all parties automatically.

Take advantage of the benefits of a medical staff scheduling software like Realday. It will save you time and costs and make your work easier and more efficient.