13. Apr 2020

Are You a Staffing Amateur or a Staffing Pro?

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There is a pretty thin line between a staffing amateur and a staffing pro. However, it actually has very little to do with the amount of time spent in the industry. Rather, it is determined by your approach. And in this way, perhaps counterintuitively, someone can qualify as a staffing pro while brand new to industry while a seasoned veteran might still rank as an amateur. 

Let’s look at some of the major elements of modern staffing and recruitment and see how you fit in.


The Amateur Approach: The amateur wastes their time on the mass e-mail campaigns. The amateur still uses newspaper ads and relies on classic, outdated job boards with boring, text-only ads, hoping to reel in candidates. 

The Pro Approach: The pro knows that not only must you be active when recruiting, you must also be eye-catching and engaging in order to stand out from the sheer quantity of job ads out there. For this reason, they should take a graphic approach, using captivating video and infographic ads. Moreover, they don’t restrict themselves to traditional job advertising forums, but also make the most of social media and job apps. 

Furthermore, the pro doesn’t rely on broad-net advertising but knows that quite often, the best candidates are to be found in their existing networks. That is why they utilize their current talent and implement referral schemes in order to sniff out the very best and bring them on board.

Candidate Selection

The Amateur Approach: The amateur spends countless hours reading through hundreds of CV’s, line by line, searching for relevant keywords, qualifications, and work experience. They then employ a linear, question-and-answer style interview on each of them. The problem is, but using such traditional methods, they’re wasting loads of time that could be used better, and still not finding the best candidates.

The Pro Approach: The staffing pro knows the value of time. Not only their own time, but that of the candidate as well. This is why the staffing pro uses various software solutions in order to narrow down their talent pool to the very best possibilities. Instead of the old fashioned Q-and-A style interviews, they employ more novel methods, having the candidate perform tasks, solve puzzles and then interview them. Moreover, the staffing pro places greater emphasis on the candidate’s portfolio – that is, concrete examples of what they have done and what they are capable of – rather than the fluff and bluster of the antiquated CV. All of this helps them source the very best possible talent and on a much shorter timeframe.

Day to day tasks

The Amateur Approach: The amateur likes their whiteboards, hand-scribbled flow charts, post-it note collections and stationary. They still fill out old fashioned timesheets, do payroll by hand, and create schedules in excel. Not only is this exceedingly time-consuming, but it’s also highly prone to human error. As a result, they often incur complaints from the talent and clients and put contracts at risk. This leads to a high turnover rate and a low candidate retainment rate, making their jobs even more difficult.

The Pro Approach: The pro knows that technology is the only way forward. They have dispensed with outdated, headache-inducing manual means of sorting schedules and salaries and instead let technology do it for them, error-free by deciding on a well-developed staff scheduling software. To that end, they use staffing and scheduling apps, which neatly and efficiently handle worker timetables and payments due. This streamlined, simple approach wins them favour among their candidates and their clients, meaning their retainment rate stays high and reduces the overall amount of time spent on boring repetitive tasks. Also, they don’t have to constantly seek out new candidates since the current ones are happy to stay with the agency.