05. Feb 2020

All about shift planning and more effective staff management

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Find out how digitalization is changing the very definition of shift planning. Staffing software is automating shift scheduling and shift swapping – learn about the industries that use it.

You will be surprised to learn that most of today’s shift planning is still done very manually. In staffing agencies across industries, phone calls are made, information is written down and documents are collected in paper form. Then come the next steps, which are even harder, having to make several phone calls until a manager has finally scheduled a shift and found the right candidate to do it.

Tempest app solution

The work does not end here, however. An employee might call in sick and a substitute needs to be found quickly, while another employee might want to trade a shift with a colleague. This means more phone calls and more searching through tables and lists. Time is lost and in the end, a shift might not get filled at all. For many staffing agencies and companies, this is very normal.

Shift planning, however, has gone digital.

Staff management has improved drastically. Managers can now plan shifts in an online portal and send job requests to an app on the employee’s smartphone. When accepted, they are booked in an integrated calendar. Holiday requests, illness, shift swapping, the candidate can do all this in the app and the manager is automatically notified via a push-message.

Looking through a candidate’s documents and certifications, to see if the candidate is a fit for the job, is the past. A modern software allow jobs to be assigned, documents uploaded and only those candidates who have uploaded them via the app can accept these jobs. Has a document or certification expired? The software reminds you before it does.

The time saving with a good shift planning solution is immense. The team behind Realday has recognized this and has created a digital platform to improve all aspects of staff scheduling. The software is customizable and can be used in virtually any industry where temporary work takes place, like healthcare, hospitality, education or construction.

The Realday portal and app are continually improving, aiming to make shift planning as simple and transparent as it can possibly get.