Jack Harris

Head of Product

Jack Harris

Georg joined Realday as a managing partner and is responsible for Finance as well as Sales in the DACH region. Having studied economics and business administration in Vienna, Georg worked in Investment Banking for Standard Bank in London. Following this, he moved back to Vienna to work in his family real estate and retail business, being responsible for the Sales and Finance departments.

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Connecting people to opportunity.

We help you embrace new ways of working and building relationships.

Realday’s story began with the idea to build a workforce management platform that enabled companies to nurture relationships by fully digitizing and enhancing the temporary and gig-economy workforce. With everyone in mind, Realday creates solutions that add value across the board.

Eliminate the unnecessary. Improve the necessary.

Not having people available for a job, a ton of paperwork that needs to be organized, documents that need updating, knowing if a person has shown up at a job or not, as well as wasting time with spreadsheets and calendars trying to figure out who is on holiday or sick are but a small part of the challenges that staffing companies face on a daily basis.

Set to resolve these challenges, we built Realday with crucial features that make the recruiting experience vastly more transparent. Features like intuitive shift scheduling allow recruiters to create and assign shifts in minutes. Meanwhile, Realday’s dedicated mobile app empowers workers to set their availability, request time off, accept and trade shifts between each other, upload documents and more. Finally, an integrated location management tool ensures clients can keep track of worker attendance and sign off people’s shifts on the go.

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Software centered around people. Not the other way around.

We know that people are companies’ key assets. Realday is focused on your people, optimizing their time and increasing their productivity. It acts as a single point of interaction for everyone allowing to look after what is most important - people and relationships.

Be on the cutting-edge
to the way you work.

Matching people with opportunities and coordinating the hiring process is a time-intensive process. But it’s essential.

More than half of employees’ time is spent on these administrative tasks when it could be better spent elsewhere. Complex and repetitive workflows are susceptible to human error meaning that these vital tasks always carry risk, which in turn can cause unexpected costs for your business. Companies have been using old and rigid software tools to keep track of vast workforces for too long. With Realday, that all changes.

“A great product isn’t just a collection of its features. It’s how it all works together.”

Tim Cook

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A dedicated mobile app provides a superior candidate experience, driving engagement.

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The recruiter web application increases savings and reduces time spent sourcing people for work.

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A web application for clients allows to track worker attendance and sign off shifts on the go.

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