01. Jan 2021

A Tale of Two Temporary Staffing Agencies

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2021 is destined to be a year of natural selection within the temporary staffing and recruitment industry. Some firms will survive and thrive, while others are bound to fall behind. It’s a matter of critical decisions and smart choices at this point. And perhaps the biggest choice an agency can make is whether to stick with the old-yet-functional approach or give the new-and-novel a go.

Let’s take a look at two temporary staffing agencies that epitomise both styles.

Temporary Staffing Agency X

Temporary staffing agency X is still devoted to the methods of yesteryear. They have been slow to adapt to changing trends and update their organisational infrastructure. Why should they? They get the job done after all.

The office walls are paved over with post-it notes and tentative timetables are scribbled across whiteboards. Piles of candidate files are jammed into file cabinets and scattered across the computer desktops. Early in the morning, the recruiters engage in a mad-dash of dialing, pitching, pleading and scheduling, seemingly always one step behind the talent they desperately need to acquire. Someone is tasked with writing up job descriptions and spamming the job boards with the openings, while another tries to scale through the mountains of CVs coming in, assessing competencies, skills and requirements. 

Lunchtime in the break room provides no refuge from this stress either. Employees bemoan the lack of suitable talent. Or the suitable talent that seems to keep getting away. Schedulers lament the frequent scheduling errors made, the scheduling conflicts that have arisen out of miscommunication and the insurmountable crossword puzzle of timetables, clients and candidates that await them back in the office. An air of anxiety lingers heavy in the room. Five minutes left till it’s back to the never ending grind.

The afternoon is spent double checking phone numbers, waiting for call backs, handling declines, making last minute compromises and adjustments, desperately trying to placate clients’ concerns. 

5 o’clock rolls around. Perhaps the job has been done. The day’s missions have been accomplished. The positions have been staffed. But it hasn’t been easy. And the workers know: it all begins again tomorrow.

Temporary Staffing Agency Y

Just around the block, temporary staffing Agency Y tells a different story. They have implemented the latest staffing and scheduling software, stayed current with modern hiring trends and revolutionised themselves in a new, highly efficient manner. It has been risky. But then again, there is never success without risk!

The office has been streamlined, digitised, and split into small, efficient teams. The post-it notes have been thrown away, the filing cabinets donated to the Museum of Temp Agencies.

Candidate profiles are digitally stored and accessed with the touch of a finger and a few simple specifications, documents and compliance are uploaded in seconds. Managers communicate their needs with a few simple clicks, and the temps use the app to instantly give feedback.

The scheduling unit makes use of their latest software as well, immediately interfacing with the temp staff and instantly filling in available slots. No more errors, no more complications, no more miscommunications. Their staffing software eliminates any possibility of this.

Very little time is wasted on phone calls and call backs and waiting. Their software and their app allow all communication and processing to happen as quickly as one can click. The candidates are especially happy with this. It means less stress. 

All of this because the agency decided to make a bold leap forward and into the future.

The break room is at peace. Because so much has been done so quickly this morning, everyone has an extra 15 minutes to relax and have a cup of tea.  

As the day rolls to a close, the employees are satisfied with their day’s work. In fact, they have even knocked out part of tomorrow’s work as well. They roll out the office door happy, knowing the rest of the day is theirs alone.

Who Will Survive?

I am no gambler, but I would easily put my money on this race. It is time for temporary staffing agencies and shift based companies to consider the possibilities that modern technology will help them. It offers untold advantages for everyone.  


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